List of Promasidor Ghana Products

Promasidor was formed in 1979 by Robert Rose, who moved to Zimbabwe in 1957 to follow his African dream after growing up in the United Kingdom. During his more than two decades as Chairman of Allied Lyons Africa, he traveled widely throughout the continent, gaining a unique and comprehensive understanding of the food market throughout the continent.

He was particularly concerned about the scarcity of milk, which is a very healthy commodity that most people in the industrialized world take for granted.

List of Promasidor Ghana products

It dawned on him that, with the fast advancement of technology in the creation of milk powders, there was an exciting possibility to give milk powder to consumers in small volumes that could be packaged in flexible sachets. It was discovered that eliminating the animal fat from the milk and substituting it with vegetable fat resulted in longer shelf life for the milk. For the first time in history, milk powder may now be disseminated for the first time across the huge African continent, allowing everyone on the continent to have inexpensive access to milk for the first time.

In business since 1979, Promasidor has established itself as a premier distributor of high-quality food items throughout Africa’s numerous regions. The product line encompasses anything from powdered dairy products to culinary meal enhancers and refreshing drinks. Promasidor takes great pleasure in selling items that are both cheap and high-quality at a good price.

List of Promasidor Ghana products

Promasidor Dairy

This is Promasidor’s main product in Africa, and it is also available in other parts of the world. Promasidor powdered milk products have been improved over the years so that they stay fresh for longer without sacrificing quality.

The Promasidor dairy product line has a variety of powdered milk brands that are easy and cheap to make, as well as quick and easy to make.

The list of Promasidor Dairy Products includes:

  1. Cowbell Milk powder
  2. Cowbell chocolate
  3. Le Berbère
  4. Loya Forvita Milk
  5. Loya Full cream milk
  6. Miksi fat-filled milk powder
  7. Mixwell fat-filled milk powder


PROMASIDOR offers a wide variety of beverages that are split into four primary product areas. These include Drink-O-Pop and Amila soft drinks, Top Tea traditional and flavoured tea, Proma Cafe coffee, and Twisco delectable chocolate drinks.

A list of Promasidor Beverage Products includes:

  1. Amila soft drinks
  2. Drink O pop powdered drink
  3. Proma café
  4. Top tea
  5. Twisco chocolate powder
  6. Xploza


  1. Yumvita Infant Cereal
  2. Sunvita crunch
  3. Yumvita essential


From savory seasoning to healthy soybean protein chunks, the Promasidor culinary goods contain condiments as well as components that can be added to any conventional meal to enhance the scent, color, and flavor with a distinctive aroma, color, and taste. It has a lot of different things that can be used to make food, or they can be added at the end to make the food taste better.

  1. Sossi Soybean Protein
  2. Onga
  3. Jaba seasoning

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