List Of Travel Agencies In Ghana (2023)

In West Africa, Ghana is famous for its tourist destinations. All kinds of travelers will definitely have a swell time visiting Ghana. The rich wildlife in Ghana’s game reserve and parks is an amazing view to behold. The Nation’s capital Accra is spiced with a modern Flair and there are many historic places that endear many travelers. Little wonder there are several travel agencies across the country trying to meet the increasing holiday and business demands of travelers in and out of Ghana.

6 Top Ghanaian Travel Agencies

travel agencies in ghana

If you are a resident of Ghana or wish to travel to or out of the country, then there are numerous travel agencies at your disposal that provide top-notch services. The majority of these Agencies are located in Accra, Ghana’s capital city and a vibrant metropolis. The city is classified as one of the safest in west Africa. As a tourist in Accra, you will enjoy the exotic lifestyle and tasty food.

In no preferential order, some of Ghana’s leading travel agencies to contact for your travel demands are:

1. Secure Travel and Tours

If you need help as a traveler in securing airline tickets, transportation means, travel insurance, touring, booking hotels, visa and hotel reservations. Secure Travel and Tours is one of the best travel agencies to contact. As one of the top travel agencies in Ghana, they cater to the travel requirements of Individuals, corporate organizations, and tourists worldwide. Their services are hassle-free.

 Summary of Reviews on Secure Travel and Tour Agencies.

The services of the agency are excellent in terms of securing a visa to Dubai.

Its transparency is second to none.

Highly Trusted and reliable.

Another Notable Travel Agency that knows its onions in providing excellent Travel Services is Jubilee Travel & Tours.

2. Jubilee Travel & Tours

As a renowned and leading Travel Agency in the metropolitan city of Ghana. you are sure to have many juicy travel packages from Jubilee Travel & Tours. Since their incorporation in 2004, they are widely known in Ghana for an excellent customer relationship with their clientele and top-notch service delivery.

They are an accredited travel agency and associate of IATA (International Air Transport Association). Jubilee prides itself on delivering services that are very comprehensive. Their travel packages will definitely win the hearts of many prospective clients willing to deal with them.

 Core Services

The Agency organizes and arranges travel opportunities for various kinds of groups, business executives or corporate organizations who aim to travel out of the shores of Ghana for varying purposes.

The travel requirements of all manner of a client are handled by Jubilee.

Sales and handling of tickets especially flight tickets.

Arranging and organizing outbound and inbound tours to the country.

 3. Easy Travel Consult

As a student living in Ghana who seeks to travel out to further your education, Easy Travel Consult should be your go-to agency for a hitch-free process. Although they have packages for the Ghanaian populace and Africa as a whole, they are basically traveling and study overseas enterprise that ensures quality delivery of consultations and assistance to Ghanaian students looking to school outside the shores of Ghana.

Specialized services

Ghanaian students are aided by the Agency in choosing institutions that the students meet their requirements and best suits their preference. With the agency, identifying academic destinations should be less daunting.

You will be assisted in using immigration and visa policies to your advantage.

Any student could contact them for study abroad requirements.

4. Signature Luxury Travel and Tours

For the traveler requiring exquisite travel services, your ultimate destination should be

Signature Luxury Travel and Tours. They offer holidays and bespoke travel arrangements for groups and individual persons.

 Services they provide

Flights and Hotel Reservations

Cruises and Rentals of cars to exotic locations and amusing resorts worldwide.

They assist with airport transfers.

As an independent travel agency, they hope to excite their clients on every journey, giving them first-class experience on travel services.

5. Stellar Travel

Being an associate of FCM, a renowned corporate travel management consultancies in the world, Stellar Travel offers numerous corporate travel services ranging from land and air travel reservations. They have been in operation since 1991. They offer quality diversified services that have ensured their growth in the corporate market. Stellar Travel is very much reliable and has managed to niche down its services to cater to the travel demands of companies and organizations abroad that are based in Ghana. You are sure to experience excellent performance dealing with them regardless of the sector or industry.

 Business Services

24/7 visa assistance

All Travel itineraries

Core Expertise

By updating their database with the most current prices, bookings, and timetables, Travel plans are easily executed by the agency.

Travel bookings by your organization will be done according to preference and interest.

Telephone services are available for 24 Hour Service to answer all inquiries or requests.

Often without incurring the automatic cost associated with bookings you might make directly, complex business itineraries with stopovers, breaks in journeys and tight timetables can be coordinated with ease to match requirements.

 Comprehensive Management Report

Appointing Stellar Travels for your corporate travel services means getting more than a ticket.

Some Achievements of the Agency

  • British Airways Top Revenue Earner in 2009
  • Platinum Elite Agent for Kenya Airways in 2010
  • Aviation Travel Agency of the Year 2016
  • Best Premium Economy Agent for Virgin Atlantic Red Hot Awards 2012
  • South African Airways Travel & Tourism Awards 2013 – Outstanding

Performer for North, Central and West Africa

  • Outstanding Performer for Alitalia/KLM Star Awards 2011
  • Best Upper-Class Agent for Virgin Atlantic Red Hot Awards 2012
  • Platinum Elite Agent for Air France/KLM in 2010
  • Delta Airline Top 5 Agent in 2009

6. Kumasi Travel Agency

Since its establishment in 1988 and the first of its kind in Kumasi Ghana, Kumasi Travel Agency is highly recognized as a result-oriented travel agency.  These are the first to be accredited in Kumasi by the IATA.

Services they provide includes

Sales of major Airline tickets

Hotel Reservations and bookings.

Exuding all professionalism, the agency makes sure to maintain a cordial relationship with their clients and thrill them with delightful offers.

If you require a journey with assistance, Kumasi Travel Agency ensures that you have an easy trip.

There are several hundreds of Travel agencies in Ghana though only a few have been mentioned. For all your travel demands, you could make a trip down to their location or contact them online, especially for visitors who hope to explore the country. Travel Packages are available for all manner of clients, be it student, leisure travelers or business class executives.

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