Malaysia Embassy in Ghana: Address & Contact Details

Malaysia does not have an embassy in Ghana, what the country has is a High Commission in Ghana. Malaysia is a country located in the South Eastern part of Asia occupying areas around the Malay Peninsula. The country is among the 17 megadiverse countries of tropics and with its population estimated at 30 million, the country is the forty-fourth most populous country in the world.

Malaysia Embassy in Ghana_ Address & Contact Details

Malaysia gained independence from the British on August 31, 1957, and currently more than half of the country’s population is Malay. The Head of State of Malaysia is the King and the government system run in the country is related to the Westminster parliamentary system.

Since gaining independence, Malaysia has grown to become one of the most economically important Asian countries. The country’s economy is primarily built on the country’s natural resources. Malaysia has, however, spread its tentacles to become a major force in medical tourism, science, commerce, etc. Malaysia is one of the most visited countries in Asia, largely because of its highly organized and subsidized medical and educational sectors.

Reading through the above paragraphs you can see why a lot of Ghanaians want to visit Malaysia. If you are reading this my guess is you want to know more about the Malaysian High Commission in Ghana. Without wasting your time, we shall dive into the functions of the Malaysian High Commission in Ghana, its location, and working hours.

Responsibilities of the Malaysian High Commission in Ghana

A high commission is quite similar in meaning to an embassy and so most people get to mix up the use of both terms. By way of differentiation, a high commission is the representation of a Commonwealth country in another country while an embassy is the representation of a non-commonwealth country. Despite the differences between both terms, they are quite similar in the responsibilities they shoulder.

The Malaysian High Commission in Ghana ensures that the bilateral relationship between both countries is cordial and there is no breakdown in trade relations. It also ensures that specific sectors of the economy such as finance, science, health and technology, legalities, etc. work properly.

The commission is also in charge of handling visa applications, interviews, and approvals for Ghanaian citizens planning to travel to Malaysia from Ghana. It also facilitates the travel and care of Malaysian citizens to Ghana for whatever reasons. While they are present in Ghana, the high commission is also responsible for ensuring the safety of Malaysian citizens.

Contact and working hours of the Malaysian High Commission in Ghana


Malaysian High Commission in Accra, Ghana

87, NoiPetreke Street
West Airport Accra


(+233) 30-2763-691


(+233) 30-2764-910



Opening hours for the Consular section

Monday 08.00–11.00
Tuesday 08.00–11.00
Wednesday 08.00–11.00
Thursday 08.00–11.00
Friday 08.00–11.00
Saturday closed
Sunday closed

Opening hours for the Visa section

Monday 09.00–11.00
Tuesday closed
Wednesday 09.00–11.00
Thursday 09.00–11.00
Friday 09.00–11.00
Saturday closed
Sunday closed

Opening Hours for the Economic Section

Monday 08.00–16.00
Tuesday 08.00–16.00
Wednesday 08.00–16.00
Thursday 08.00–16.00
Friday 08.00–16.00
Saturday closed
Sunday closed


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