Manufacturing Companies in Ghana (2023)

Manufacturing involves the production of goods on either large or small scale to meet the needs of a nation, generate income, create employment and also earn foreign exchange for the nation. Ghana’s rapid economic growth can be attributed to the influx and creation of manufacturing company into the nation due to the country’s stable power supply, political stability, economic growth policies and ready market within the West African sub-region.

Manufacturing Companies in Ghana

Manufacturing makes up about 6% of Ghana’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and employs more than 250,000 people as at 2009. Ghana has more than 25,000 registered companies though more than 70% are small scale and medium enterprise companies. Ghana’s industrial sectors includes:

  • Textile manufacturing
  • Stationery manufacturing
  • Beverage manufacturing
  • Food manufacturing
  • Plastic manufacturing
  • Oil processing companies
  • Metal products and fabrication
  • Mining
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cement manufacturing

Manufacturing Companies in Ghana

West Coast Beverages Limited

This is an alcoholic beverage manufacturing company located along Spintex road, Accra, Ghana. The company produces good quality brands of spirits such as Odenden bitters, Drum major blended scotch whiskey, strettons’s London dry gin etc. both for local consumption and for export. Their mission is to produce good brands of spirits that meets up with the highest international standards and also give good value for money.

Zacky Foods Processing

This is a small scale manufacturing company located in Accra. It was established in 2016. Their main product is the Asali Hausa Koko which is a powdered porridge made of millet and spices like ginger.

Aluworks LTD.

This is an aluminium casting and rolling mill located at Tema, Ghana. It was established in 1978 but began large scale production in 1985. The company currently employs about 265 people. Some of its products includes Aluminium discs, Aluminium coil strips, aluminium roof caps, Aluminium flat sheets and corrugated roofing sheets. The company sources for its raw materials internationally and their goal is to become a world class aluminium company.

Ashanti Foam Factory Ltd.

This is a top foam manufacturing company in Ghana and one of the biggest foam in the West African sub-region. It was established in 1978 by Robert Habib. The company has a factory each in Accra and Kumasi and two factories in Nigeria. They manufacture mattresses, pillows, linen, furniture and other home décors. Their mission is to be the market leader in home furnishings.

Blowplast Industries LTD.

This is a flexible packaging industry said to be the largest polythene packaging industry in West Africa. The company covers about 15,000 square meters of land and employs over 1000 people with modernized workshops, advanced facilities, management systems and an advanced output of 25,000 Metric tons. Their product range includes shopping bags, nylon sheets, freezer bags, plain and printed t-shirt bags, block bags, colour strip bags, garbage bags, zip-lock bags, table cloths, laundry bags, garment bags, bread bags, mattress and furniture covers, construction plastic sheets, water bags, pet bottles and pet jars. The company is located along Graphic road, Accra.

Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Ghana Ltd.

The company is located in Tema motorways industrial area along Spintex road, Accra. It is one of Coca-Cola’s leading bottling companies in Africa. Their products includes soft drinks with wide range of brands and flavours, Juices which includes different range of fruit juice, Eva water, energy drinks and high-quality beer and malt drinks.

Cresta Paints Industries Ltd.

This is a paint manufacturing company established in 2002 by Abhay Salunkhe. Their mission is to provide customers with quality products at affordable prices. One of their products is the Jotun protective coatings for offshore structures.

J.A Biney & Co. Limited

This is a disinfectant company that started as an importer of fragrance for disinfectant producing companies. It took advantage of the trade liberalisation policy of the Government of Ghana to start its own disinfectant production company. Some of its products includes Bizal germicides, Bine 20 disinfectant, Bine stain removal, Biney liquid soap, etc.

Nofire Africa Ltd.

This is a company that produces fire retardant products and system solutions for protection against high temperature, fire and heat. The company is located in Accra.

Oxytane Africa Ltd.

This is a company that produces fuel additives that reduces fuel consumption by cars and trucks by 15-20%. The company is located in Accra.

Wire Weaving Industries Ltd.

This is a wire weaving company established in 1965 to meet the demands of farmers, fishermen and building contractors for high-quality wire weaving products, but began production in 1969. The company is located in the south industrial area, ring road, Accra. Some of their products includes hexagonal wire net, barbed wire, expanded metal, welded mesh, boundary chain link fencing, ninja razor, BRC mesh, ultimate panel mesh, Dadewa nails and mine mesh. The company received Ghana’s top brand award in 2014, 2015, Ghana Industry Awards in 2016 and a host of other awards making it one of Ghana’s indigenous company to be reckoned with.

Printex Limited

This is a textile manufacturing company established in 1958. Some of its products includes African print, African Fashion, Arete, Ruby, Xclusive, lace, Adinkra, Fancy, Amaamre, Soso, etc.

Accra Brewery Limited

This is an alcoholic beverage company located in the south industrial area of Accra and established in 1931. The company has won awards as AGI beverage manufacturing company of the year in 2017, IFEJ special award for 2016/2017 and a host of other awards. Some of its products includes Club beer, Club Shandy, Stella Artois, Castle milk stout, Eagle Lager, Eagle extra stout and Beta malt.

Ghana Rubber Products Ltd.

This is a company that produces rubber based products such as household plastics, disposable cups, disposable cutlery, disposable food containers, foam takeaway packs, plastic bags, tissues and catering products. The company is located in south industrial area of Accra.

Cocoa Processing Company

This is a non-alcoholic beverage production company whose products are cocoa based. The company was established in 1981 and some of its products have won awards locally and internationally. Some of its products includes chocolate varieties, Choco-bake, Royal natural cocoa powder, Alltime instant chocolate drink and vitaco instant chocolate drinks.

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