Marketing Companies in Ghana (2023)

Marketing is one of the important aspects of business promotion business owners engage in to create more exposure for their business and get more sales. Marketing also helps to keep former clients loyal to the brand and get new clients attracted to the brand.

Some companies tend to have a marketing department which handles their promotion and advertising, however, this is only for big companies who are able to maintain such a department. Most small companies and sometimes big companies hire the services of marketing companies to give them the right exposure for their business.

Marketing Companies in Ghana

Marketing Companies in Ghana

Marketing companies or agencies are companies which handle all the marketing and advertising aspects of a business. They work independently and can be hired by several businesses at a time. They conduct extensive market research to increase profits for their clients and introduce strategic marketing plans that would help keep customers loyal and increase sales.

In this article, you will find the Top 10 marketing companies in Ghana

Origin8 Limited

Origin8 is one of the top marketing companies in Ghana that provide their clients with strategic ideas and marketing plans to maximize profits and improve sales. They are one of the most reputable marketing companies in Ghana having collaborated with several big brands in the world.

They offer award-winning advertising services, creative designs, editorial services, brochure production, printing design, market research, and production services to their clients.

Aquity Media

Although it was established in 2012, Aquity Media has risen to be one of the leading network marketing companies in Ghana. Through the use of technology, they are able to produce the most creative marketing ideas and strategic plans that maximize profit and sales for companies.

Aquity Media has successfully collaborated with several big multinational and local brands in a number of industries. Their services are not limited to any industry or institution as they are able to successfully provide marketing services to any institution be it in e-commerce, education, startups, real estate, consulting or insurance.

Their collaborations and previous clients include Webster University, JUMIA, Angel Fair Africa, The Institute of Chartered Accountants amongst others.

Matrix Designs

From web design to digital marketing services, Matrix Designs tops as one of the leading marketing and advertising agency in Ghana. Their services aim to place their clients a step ahead of their competitors and also improve sales and profits.

They also boast of a team of experienced professionals who handle all their services to ensure they achieve fruitful results.

Job House Web Services

Job House Web Services is one of the oldest networking marketing companies in Ghana. Established in 2008, the company has built a strong reputation for itself and is one of the top-ranked marketing agencies in the country.

They offer a wide range of services in the area of website design and digital marketing. Their services are of high quality and help your brand get the right amount of exposure it needs.

They also boast of a skilled team of developers, digital marketing experts, and designers.

Swivel Marketing                                   

Swivel marketing is one of the few marketing companies in Ghana that focus heavily on building brand-consumer relationships to ensure that their services provide long-term results that will satisfy the client.

They offer services in marketing, merchandising and events management.


CliQAfrica is top-ranked marketing agency in Ghana. They provide several integrated digital marketing solutions to clients and have been very successful since its inception. This is why it has been ranked as one of the top marketing companies in Ghana.

Surprisingly, CliQAfrica was established 6 years ago and has taken over other older marketing companies in the country. The company has continued to maintain its strong reputation thereby attracting top clients in the several industries and institutions to itself.

WebTek Ghana Limited

WebTek Ghana is a leading IT marketing agency in Ghana offering high-quality services in the area of marketing and advertising to its long list of clients.

The company was established in 2013 and has ever since served several top clients including Account Trust, Design-Build Molders, Optimum Soft Technologies, and many others within the shores of Ghana.

WebTek services include web design, web development, application development, branding services, digital marketing,  videography, and photography services. Their services are of top-quality which is one of the reasons why they have managed to remain a market leader in the industry.

Clark Impressions

Clark Impressions prides itself as Africa No.1 marketing solution, however, it has been able to keep to its slogan which is the reason why it is appearing on our list.

Clark Impressions has been able to successfully build a strong reputation for itself as a standard marketing firm in Ghana by providing high-quality marketing and advertising services to its clients.

Since its inception, it has helped provide exposure to several brands in Ghana. Their services include social media and monitoring, digital marketing and advertising strategy and search engine marketing.

Wild Fusion

Wild Fusion is a marketing firm in Ghana that has been able to rise in the competitive industry. It is the first agency to be licensed by Google Adwords (a reputable online marketing organization). Wild Fusion has maintained its reputation over the years by continuously providing top quality services which meet the needs of their clients.

Their services include social media marketing, media services, digital marketing strategy, brand strategy, content production, and search engine optimization. They also offer professional training to students and other individuals.

Kings Media

Kings Media is an advertising company in Ghana solely focused on online advertising and search engine optimization. Their services include video marketing, social media marketing, internet marketing, and advertising services and SEO marketing plans. This company offers one of the best online marketing solutions to businesses who want to grow their online presence.

That wraps up our article on the Top 10 marketing companies in Ghana. Most of the companies deal heavily on online marketing, however, you will be able to find a good number of companies within this list that are professionals in native advertising. These companies offer the best advertising solutions for your company at affordable prices.

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