Mattress Prices in Ghana (2023)

If you’re going for a great mattress, then you should never place the price above comfort. This is because sleeping is one of the most important activities in the life of a human being. It can affect creativity, performance, productivity, and your ability to live.

This is why you need to put the quality of the mattress first. High-quality mattresses boost the quality of your sleep and ensure you wake up feeling energized every time you wake up.

In Ghana, there are several brands that produce high-quality mattresses which have earned them a large portion of the market. These brands produce mattresses of different shapes, sizes, and materials to serve the need of every customer.

Mattress Prices in Ghana

If you want to know how much these mattresses are sold in the market, then read on.

Prices of Mattresses in Ghana

The prices of mattresses in Ghana depend on the brand, size, quality, and design. Today, there are lots of choices to pick from, so you should easily get a mattress regardless of your budget.

You can purchase the mattress directly from the manufacturers, distributors, or through e-commerce websites.

Ash Foam Mattresses

Ash foam is one of the leading mattress brands in Ghana. They produce and distribute different mattress sizes with some of the best price tags in the market. Luckily, their mattresses are quite affordable.

Below are the prices of its mattresses.

Comfy Spring Mattress

The comfy spring mattress is one of the most affordable and comfortable mattresses sold by Ashfoam. This mattress comes in various types – king size 84”x74”, queen size 72”x75”, large size 54”x75”, medium size  42”x75”, and single size 36”x 75”.

Price: GH₵1,729.00 – GH₵3,983.00

Bonded Kappa Mattress

The Bonded Kappa Mattress is the cheapest option offered by Ashfoam. This mattress is lighter than most of its other products, but it still comes with the same quality. This mattress comes in various types – king size 84”x74”, queen size 72”x75”, large size 54”x75”, medium size  42”x75”, and single size 36”x 75”.

Price: GH₵73.00 – GH₵2,090.00

High-Density Mattress

Just as the name implies, Ashfoam’s high-density mattress features a tougher build that boosts its durability. Fortunately, you won’t have to part with a fortune to get this mattress as it is quite affordable.

Price: GH₵477.00 – GH₵2,655.00

Low-Density Mattress

This foam is lighter, cheaper, and most suitable for individuals on a tight budget.

Price: GH₵319.00 – GH₵1,070.00

Majestic Mattress

This mattress features a better exterior design and more size options than other mattresses sold by Ashfoam.

Price: GH₵62.00 – GH₵1,580.00

Orthopedic Spring Mattress

Orthopedic mattresses are specifically designed to support the joints, back, and overall body. These foams last longer and offer more comfort.

Price: GH₵1,045.00 – GH₵3,473.00

Standard Density Mattress

The standard-density mattress is another great option for shoppers on a tight budget. It is quite durable, lightweight and comfortable to use.

Price: GH₵426.00 – GH₵2,167.00

Superfoam Mattress

The Superform Mattress comes in many sizes with different price tags to suit the needs and budget of every customer.

Price: GH₵77.00 – GH₵2,260.00

Wildo Mattress

The Wildo Mattress is on the high side, but if you’re more interested in quality and durability, then you will love this mattress.

Price: GH₵1,139.00 – GH₵2,655.00

Latex Foam Mattress Prices in Ghana

Latex Foam is another top brand and one of the top producers and distributors of mattresses in Ghana.

  • Pocket Springs Pocketed Mattress – standard double size === GH₵700.00 – GH₵2,500.00
  • Princess Honeymoon Spring Mattress – high density foam === GH₵600.00 – GH₵2,655.00
  • Orthopaedic Honeymoon Spring Mattress ===  GH₵1000.00 – GH₵3,000.00
  • Anti-Stress Memory Foam Mattress === GH₵800.00 – GH₵2,500.00
  • Ultraflex Foam Mattress – High Resilience Polyurethane foam mattress === GH₵750.00 – GH₵3,500.00
  • Ultrafirm Foam Mattress – Ultrafirm high density foam === GH₵700.00 – GH₵2,500.00
  • Honeycomb Foam Mattress === GH₵700.00 – GH₵3,500.00
  • Super High Density Honeymoon Mattress === GH₵2000.00 – GH₵5,500.00
  • High Density Foam Mattress === GH₵3500.00 – GH₵4,500.00
  • Standard Density Foam Mattress === GH₵2200.00 – GH₵3,500.00

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mattress

Today, you will find different sizes of mattresses with different price tags. While this should make it really easy for you to decide on the mattress for your home, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the multitude of options.

Here, you will find some things to consider when picking a mattress. These factors will help you make the right decision in choosing the mattress that will serve you well and last really long.

Material: One of the most important things to consider when buying a mattress is the material used in making it. The most common materials used are the innerspring and memory foam. The memory foam is made up of latex or polyurethane prosperities making it very soft and comfy. The innerspring foam consists of steel coils which boost the durability of the mattress

Size: Mattresses come in different sizes to meet the different needs of the customers. Shoppers who require a single foam for the entire family would have to opt for larger sizes like the king or queen-size mattresses. Buyers who require a small mattress to serve only one individual could go for smaller sizes that are cheaper but just as durable. Below are the common mattress sizes and their dimensions

  • King size 84”x74”
  • Queen size 72”x75”
  • Large size 54”x75”
  • Medium size 42”x75”
  • Single size 36”x 75”

Brand: There are lots of brands offering their products at insanely cheap prices, but that doesn’t mean their products are durable and comfortable. When buying foam, first confirm the popularity and reputation of its brand. The more popular and reputable the brand is, the better the product will be.

Some brands are known to produce incredibly soft and smooth mattresses that will stand the test of time, while others specialize in tougher products that are more durable but not quite soft.

Budget: A lot of quality mattresses are very expensive, so if you want something that will last you for years, you will need a really good budget. By going through the prices of mattresses in Ghana we have listed, you can make better budgets and buy a quality product.

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