Midwives’ Salary in Ghana: See What They Earn (2023)

Are you in Ghana and are drawn to midwifery? Would you like to know about midwives’ salary in Ghana? If your answer to these questions is yes, you just picked the right article.

Before choosing any profession or career path, it is imperative to be sure you are interested in such. One of the motivations is the amount of money that would be taken home at the end of the month.


Midwives’ Salary in Ghana

Midwifery is a branch of nursing and is regarded as one of the most lucrative jobs worldwide. It is not just lucrative, it is prestigious too.

As much as many people would like to be Midwives, there seems to be a challenge. Just like every other branch of nursing, they have faced the problem of low income in recent times. In fact, in Ghana, it seems to be worse.

This is why we have experienced one strike after another by people in this profession. Not to worry, things are changing and the government is already improving. In this post, we will take a look at how much midwives earn in Ghana. But first, let’s learn a few things about midwives in Ghana.

Who is a midwife?

Most people make the mistake of confusing a nurse with a midwife and vice versa. They are two different professions, even though the latter is a branch of the former.

So who is a midwife? Midwives have been in existence for so many centuries. Their primary responsibility is to help pregnant women deliver their babies. After birth, they carry out a necessary evaluation of both the mother and baby.

If there is a need for either the mother or baby to get further medical help, the midwife refers them to a clinic. This is because they are not trained to handle such complex cases.

There are several levels of midwifery, they include:

  • Lay midwife – Performs the duties of a midwife but operates without a license.
  • Certified midwife – This person only gets a license that allows for the practice of midwifery.
  • Certified Professional Midwife

A nurse, on the other hand, has a wider scope of work. They do not focus on childbirth and postpartum operations alone, they are trained to handle other medical specialties. There are nurses who work with the midwives during delivery and they are known as delivery or labor nurses.

How to become a midwife in Ghana

It is simple. You can apply to any of the universities or institutes that offer training in Midwifery in Ghana. There is quite a number and you can study at different levels.

The most popular is a Diploma in Midwifery. You can choose to go for a BSc. in Midwifery, which gives you the opportunity to earn more. To ensure that you earn more, it is best to go for a Postgraduate course in Midwifery, specifically a Master’s Degree.

Schools to study Midwifery in Ghana

There are several schools where you can study Midwifery in Ghana. These are divided into privately owned and public-owned institutions. Here is a list based on this division:

Privately owned schools

  • Western Hills Nurses’ Training College
  • Narh-Bita College
  • Premier Nurses Training College
  • Nightingale School of Nursing
  • Karol School of Nursing

Public owned schools

  • Holy Family Nursing & Midwifery Training College
  • Koforidua Nurses and Midwifery Training College
  • 37 Military Hospital Nurses Training College
  • Bole Community Health Nurses Training College
  • Tamale Community Health Nurses’ Training School

These are just a few of the colleges where you can study Midwifery in Ghana. You can contact any of them to know the different courses available and at what levels.

To choose a school for your studies, there are several factors you should take into consideration. These include:

  • The diversity of courses offered and which is relevant to your career path.
  • Recent academic Performance
  • The qualification of the personnel at the institution
  • Learning facilities and equipment
  • Performance of the alumni

How much does a midwife earn in Ghana?

You must have been itching to reach this part of this post all day. Now we are here. We had to set a foundation because the level of your qualification is a huge determinant of how much you will earn.

There are three different levels of Midwives in Ghana, they include:

  • Certificate Midwives
  • Diploma holders
  • Degree holders

Even without telling, you can guess that the pay grade will be based on this hierarchy. Certificate Midwives earn the least which is about GHS 700 per month. A diploma holder earns GHS 900 monthly while a degree holder earns between GHS 1,600 and 2,000 every month.

Note that these are the least a midwife can earn at entry. The salaries are expected to increase with advancement in years and more experience.


We believe this post has provided you sufficient information about midwives’ salaries in Ghana. Keep it in mind that two major factors determine how much you will earn as a midwife in Ghana. They are your education and experience.

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