Mtn Ghana 4G Data Plans: Why You Should Start Using It.

Most Ghanaians have access to a phone and internet. Now more than ever, having a strong internet connection is extremely essential. This is why it is best to start using MTN Ghana’s 4G LTE for a swift and faster internet connection.

What You Should Know About the 4G Mobile Network

Mtn Ghana 4G Data Plans

The world is evolving, so is the use of the internet. From chatting online to making online calls, as well as catching updates on news online, the internet has become extremely important. So for easy access, get the Mtn Ghana 4G plan.

Using an internet bundle that connects with speed is mostly desired by all internet users. However, in Ghana, most mobile internet users subscribe to the 2G and 3G data plans on their smartphones which has less speed.

Unlike the 2G and 3G, 4G has a faster speed. It is a 4 generation mobile network technology.

Here is why switching to the MTN’s 4G data plan is recommended.

Swift Speed on the Internet

Are you tired of a slow downloading process on your smartphone, then try the MTN 4G data plan. Speed is faster and incredible. With this plan, you can swiftly download movies and music or even do online voice and video calls. You can also watch videos on YouTube without any hassle.

The experience you have with this package is a smooth one. You won’t have to wait for minutes before connecting to the internet. No buffering stress at all. With the 4G data bundle, your experience will make you leave completely, all other kinds of data packages.

Mtn Ghana 4G Data Plans; Why You Should Start Using It.

No Difference in Prices

MTN Ghana wants that most of their customers should switch to the 4G plan, thus they made the 4G data bundle price same as their other data bundle packages. In some countries, using a 4G data plan is more expensive as it is considered to be a premium service. These network providers ensure to charge highly on the 4G network. This is not the case with Mtn Ghana that charges at the normal data rate.

The price tag for subscribing to the data volume on MTN Ghana 3G network is the same price you pay to subscribe for the same data bundle on MTN Ghana’s 4G network.

Your Main Credit Balance is not Affected

Mtn Ghana won’t touch your network account balance peradventure you exhaust your data bundle. Even if you were streaming a large volume of movies and music, your main credit won’t be tampered with.

As a subscriber, you are assured that,  regardless of having a very fast data plan that gives you speedy internet access to watch many videos, your main credit is safe when you use up your subscribed data.

Personally, I think this is an incredible feature worthy of emulation by other network providers in Ghana.

However, you may decide to use up your phone credit to browse on MTN 4G network. To have access to this offer, simply dial *138# and pick option 5.


MTN is a major provider of the 4G network in Ghana. Glo Ghana and Vodafone Ghana also offer 4G data packages whilst AirtelTigo has no 4G internet services on their mobile network. What this translates to is that you have speedy internet access only on the Mtn Network. You won’t be needing a mobile WiFi device always with the 4G plan.

Those who can access this offer are customers using the 4G SIMs already or those who just activated their SIMs to 4G recently.

Data Sharing

Sharing your 4G data plan with others is allowed on the MTN Ghana network. Simply turn on your hotspot and other devices will have an internet connection.

Checking Mobile Phone Compatibility

To check if your mobile device is compatible with the 4G network, dial *585#. If your smartphone is indicated to be compatible, you can then purchase a 4G Sim card from any MTN outlet. It will also be set up for you.

On the other hand, if your mobile device isn’t compatible with 4G, it is best to purchase a device that is supported by MTN 4G LiTE.

How to Subscribe

The Mtn 4G plan subscription code is *138#. To have access to MTN Ghana’s 4G Data package, simply dial the code and subscribe to your preferred package. You have data volumes ranging from 200MB to 5GB on the 4G data plan.

Amazingly, immediately You subscribe, you will be given a 50% bonus on each data plan subscribed for on the MTN 4G LTE.

4G Bundle validity

Bundles can be subscribed for on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. Subscribing for video data bundles and other packages is also available on MTN 4G network.

MTN 4G Midnight Plan

Mtn offers 5GB of 4G data as a midnight bundle. You can subscribe to this for only 3Ghc. This offer is best for individuals who love to browse through the night till the early hours of the morning.

You can also go for this bundle if you have some software updating to do or watch online movies for relaxation.


Currently, the 4G service is only present in Ghana’s major cities. Though you can easily access the  MTN’s 4G network anytime, it is yet to expand throughout Ghana.

In some areas in Ghana, subscribers experience a switch from 4G to 3G because MTN 4G is not available.

Exclusive Bonuses

Aside from having a smooth data experience, plus a 50% bonus when you subscribe to the Mtn 4G LTE, you will be granted a Free 4GB which will be valid for only 7days when you upgrade to 4G SIM.

Wondering on what is on the 4G side of life, Mtn Ghana will definitely wow you.

Cost of Upgrade and Activation

Upgrading is totally at no cost. It is available and free to all Mtn Ghana customers who want to switch.

 MTN 4G+ Data Bundle

 Mtn Ghana has gone a step further to better satisfy its customers’ data experience. They recently launched the 4G+ which is twice as fast as the 4G network.

MTN Ghana is capable of delivering over 200 Mbps speed rates which is incredibly faster with the 4G+ network. This only means downloading and streaming at a faster speed. You also get to experience smoother video calls online on this network.

As the major network provider with excellent 4G and 4G+ services, MTN Ghana has been able to thrill and satisfy their subscribers with fast internet speed on-the-go. Isn’t this the time to switch, they have made 4G services easily accessible to you directly from your smartphone.

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