Multinational Companies in Ghana (2023)

Of recent, Ghana has witnessed tremendous growth in its economy as a result of influx of multinational companies and foreign investors as a result of stable power supply, political, religious and socio-cultural stability among its people and good governance. Due to lower cost of production as a result of stable power supply, Ghana now serves as a manufacturing hub for companies targeting the large West African market of which Nigeria is a major target market. Multinational companies offers the advantage of providing jobs for the populace of Ghana and also earning foreign exchange for the nation.

Multinational Companies in Ghana

Multinational Companies in Ghana

PZ Cussons Ghana

PZ began its operations in Ghana as far back as 1935 by importing and exporting goods to and from Ghana to other Europe and other West African regions. Its major manufacturing products are soaps and cosmetics for adults and infants alike. Products from PZ Ghana are consumed locally and exported to other West African sub-regions of which Nigeria is a big consumer of its products

Unilever Ghana Limited

Unilever Ghana Limited was formed from the merger of UAC Ghana Ltd and Lever Brothers Ghana Ltd in 1992. It is the largest producer and retailer of consumer goods in Ghana. Some of its products include key soap, Annapurna salt, blue band margarine, Lipton tea, Royco and Knorr cubes, Lux medicated soap, Omo and Sunlight detergents, Pepsodent and Close-up toothpaste, and Geisha.

Guinness Ghana Breweries

Established in 1960 with its brewery located in Kumasi and Accra Ghana, the company brews both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.  Some of its products include Guinness Extra Stout, Malta Guinness, Origin (beer, spirit and wine), Smirnoff, Star Larger, and Alvaro.

MTN Ghana

One of the largest telecommunications company in West Africa with Parent company in Johannesburg, it offers a wide range of telecommunication products and services to the people of Ghana. It also offers banking services in form of mobile money services to the large unbanked populace of Ghana and also one of the biggest employers of labour in Ghana.

Olam Ghana

Olam Ghana is a leading food and agribusiness company with presence in 70 countries. It is one of the largest dealers in seeds, coffee, rice, cotton, cocoa beans and its products and other raw materials.

Benso Oil Palm and Plantation

Benso oil palm and plantation is a subsidiary of Wilmar International Limited, was founded in 1978 and listed on the Country’s stock exchange index in 2004. The company deals with the production and processing of palm oil and establishment of oil palm plantation. The company owns more than 5000 hectares of oil palm plantation.

Camelot Ghana Limited

This is a printing company founded in 1963, it deals majorly in the printing of computer and security stationeries, stock certificates, cheque books, dividend warrants, invoices and payment vouchers.

 CFAO Ghana

This is a subsidiary of CFAO Automotive, one of the largest automobile companies in Africa, is the sole distributor of Mitsubishi Motors, Fuso, DAF trucks, Citroen, Suzuki, SYM and Bridgestone automobiles in Ghana. CFAO has three outlets in Ghana (Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi). The company was formed in 1909.

Total Petroleum, Ghana

The company is a subsidiary of the Total group, it was founded in 1931, it is one of the oil and gas giants in the country. It operates more than 225 filling stations in the country.

Fan Milk Ghana Limited

Fan milk is a household name in Ghana with its variety of dairy products. It is a major manufacturer and retailer of dairy products and ice cream. Some of its products include Fan Max, FanChoco, FanGold and Fanice.

Aerogem Aviation Ghana

This is a cargo airline company based in Kokota International Airport, Accra and Sharjah International Airport, UAE. The company operates worldwide Cargo flights. It has a fleet size of 10 and covers 20 destinations worldwide.

Vodafone Ghana

Vodafone Ghana is a subsidiary of Vodafone Group Plc. Which is a leading telecommunications company worldwide. The company acquired Ghana Telecom in 2008 and it has about 8,000,000 subscribers which capture 22% of the Ghanaian telecommunications market.

Pioneer Kitchenware

This company was established in 1959 by Paul Schwegier, a Swiss businessman. The company manufactures aluminium wares like pots, plates, pans, etc. the company is also listed on the Country’s stock exchange index.

Printex Limited

The company was established in 1958 as Millet Textile Corporation producing terry towels. In 1980, it changed its name to Spintex Limited and began producing Kente weaving, uniforms and shirt materials and other fabrics. The company changed name to Printex Ltd. In 1997 and ventured into African print market with the production of printed and woven cotton polyester viscose blends which includes African print, African Fashion, Arete, Ruby, Xclusive, lace, Adinkra, Fancy, Amaamre, Soso, etc.

Starwin Products

Starwin Products is a pharmaceutical company that began its operation in Ghana in the year 1960 as a branch of Sterling Products International. The company changed name to Starwin Products when it was bought by Kodak in 1987. Some of its products includes Rapinol, liver salts, milk of magnesia, Asmadrin and Painoff.

Ashanti Goldfields Corporation

This is a gold mining company based in Kumasi, Ghana. It is sited on one of the ten largest goldmines in the world and it has been in production since 1897. The company was listed on Ghana and London’s stock exchange when the Government of Ghana decided to sell 25% of its state in the company in 1994. It was the largest flotation to be organised by any gold mining company.

SIC Insurance Company

SIC is an insurance company formed in 1962. It is listed on the country’s stock exchange index. It underwrites motor insurance, fire, marine, oil and gas, aviation and accident.

Star Africa Commodities & Minerals Limited

This is a Ghanaian based company principally involved in oil and gas. It was founded in 2009 with the aim of acquiring petroleum and mineral deposits in African countries. Their activities cover oil and gas, mining, agriculture and gold mining.

Golden Web Company

This is a food processing company established in 1982. It is listed on the stock exchange index of the country. The company is involved in the processing and marketing of vegetable oil, palm kernels, soya beans oils, cakes, etc.

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