Nasco TV Prices in Ghana (2023)

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Nasco is one of the popular names in the television industry in Ghana. Although the brand does not have as much international recognition as enjoyed by the likes of Samsung, LG, Panasonic, and other popular international TV brands, Nasco has grown to be among the most talked about and sought after television brands in Ghana. All fingers point to the fact that their products, including their televisions and other electronic gadgets they manufacture, are reliable, durable and absolutely efficient.

While some people are carried away with trends and popular brand names in Ghana today, some others have low-key enjoyed the amazing invention of some “not too popular brands”, one of which is Nasco.

Nasco TV Prices in Ghana

Nasco TV Prices in Ghana

This brand has not only built a niche and market for itself, but they have also developed a strong reputation as one of the most affordable TV brands despite their quality picture quality and sound output. If you are a lover of gadget in Ghana, you, at some point, would have come across this brand, either their television or other electronic gadgets. You not only will be impressed with how they are competing with the “big brands” in the market, but you will also appreciate the consistency in the quality of the products they dispense into the market. This TV brand isn’t just about throwing random products into the market, they are consistently meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of their customers in a fashionable and appreciable way.

It is easy to see why Ghanaians have embraced Nasco TVs. This TV brand has not only taken the TV experience to a whole new level, but they are also available at relatively affordable prices in the market today. With user-friendly features, lovely picture quality, scintillating sound output, Nasco TVs ensure an enjoyable experience enjoyable each time you tune them on.

Nasco TVs are available in different types. The various types available vary in display screen type and sizes. Their most common display screen types include LED, LCD, OLED, plasma and Smart TVs. They also vary in features and functionality. They manufacture TVs as small as 24 inches and as large as 88 inches. Based on the grade, the televisions vary in picture qualities and of course, prices. Some of their available TVs feature USB ports and support connectivity with external devices like PCs, mobile phones and other similar devices. Some also have slots for memory cards where you can easily listen to music or watch your favourite movies and some few others are internet enabled.

The prices of electronic gadgets in Ghana are not stable. It is essential to know how much TVs cost to be safe when you want to buy one. In this post, we will take a look at the prices of Nasco TVs in the current in Ghana. We will also consider some high points and low points of the televisions.

Prices of Nasco TVs in Ghana 

One of the outstanding facts about Nasco televisions is their prices. Although you’d expect a not-too-known television brand to go for a cheap price, given Nasco televisions overall quality and efficiency, the TVs are a coup for the prices they go for. You need to spend a few minutes watching your favourite sports show, TV program or music video on this TV to appreciate its full value. From their picture quality, their well-planned and arranged remote control settings to their amazing functionality and easy connectivity, it is always certain Nasco TVs will be a darling of the Ghanaian market.

Nasco TVs come in various sizes, shapes, picture qualities, designs and of course, prices. Generally, the prices of these TVs are dependent on the types of TV. Curved TVs are usually more expensive than regular TVs of the same inch. Also, place and period of purchase matters. For instance, the prices of electronic gadgets tend to be on the rise towards the end of the year and the beginning of a new year. Nasco TVs can be purchased directly from the manufacturing company or any of the local distributors across the country. They are readily available and can also be purchased in any electronic gadget store in Ghana. Their TVs are also available in online gadget stores.

Here, we will take a look at the prices of various types and models of Nasco TVs available today.

  • Nasco Ultra Slim HD Digital LED 32 inches: ¢950 – ¢1, 200
  • Nasco LED Satellite TV 40 inches: ¢1350 – ¢1, 700
  • Nasco Smart LED HD TV 43 inches: ¢1, 499 – ¢1, 900
  • Nasco Full HD flat Digital Satellite TV 49 inches: ¢1, 500 – ¢1, 700
  • Nasco Full HD LED Digital TV – 50″ : ¢1, 800 – ¢2, 700
  • Nasco NAS-J55FU-S UHD 4K Smart TV – 55″ : ¢3, 399 – ¢3, 500:
  • Nasco NAS-H65-FUS Digital Satellite UHD 4K Smart TV – 65″: ¢3, 800 – ¢4, 300
  • Nasco LED65Q9 UHD Curve Digital Satellite TV – 65″ : ¢5, 300 – ¢5, 600
  • Nasco LED-NAS-K75MFUS-AND UHD 4K Digital Satellite Smart TV – 75″: ¢6, 500 – ¢7, 000

The variation in prices of these televisions is as a result of certain factors already stated which include place and period of buy, currency exchange rate in the period of buy and some other basic factors.

Nasco TV: Things You Will Like About the Television

  • Excellent Picture Quality: You will be surprised at how amazing the picture quality of Nasco TVs is. You probably will be thrilled with the backlight lines and screen displays. They are bright, colourful and boast of wonderful contrasts. When it comes to picture quality, Nasco TVs stand among the very good ones available today.
  • Beautiful: If you consider designs when buying a TV, then you will find Nasco TV very interesting. All their TVs are sleek and classy. They easily blend into any environment and adds elegance to wherever they are placed.
  • User-Friendly Features: The TVs boast of amazing features that take your viewing experience to another level.
  • Power Consumption: Nasco TVs’ do not consume so much power. You can comfortably use the TV even with small generators or low currents. Although it is always better to connect with a stabilizer or step-up/down device.

Nasco TV: Things You May Not Like About the Television

  • Availability: Nasco TVs are not the most popular TVs around. They are not as readily available as some other popular TV brands.
  • Sound quality is not as good as picture quality. There is no much balance in quality between the two.

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