Norway Embassy in Ghana: Address & Contact Details

It is not strange to hear that a country has an embassy in another country. This is because embassies are seen as the representation of one country in another. In most cases, the embassy houses the Ambassador and other diplomatic representatives of the country in the host country.

Norway Embassy in Ghana: Address & Contact Details

Norway Embassy in Ghana

Norway is officially known as the Kingdom of Norway. The country is a Nordic country located in North-Western Europe. Norway has an estimated population of 5.3 million individuals and is bordered by Russia, Denmark, and Finland. Norway ranks number eleven in the world with respect to GDP which means the country has a very friendly economy.

The country also has the largest sovereign wealth fund in the world which is valued at $1 trillion. The country also ranks number 1 in the world with respect to the Human Development Index and it has held this position since 2009. Norway has one of the lowest crime rate indices in the world.

When you consider this information, which is just a tip of the iceberg about Norway, it leaves little to wonder why people would seek to know more about the country. It is on record that Ghanaians tend to seek information about Norway and how to travel to Norway from Ghana.

We acknowledge that you cannot travel to a country without gaining permission from that country’s embassy in your home country. This is why we have brought you information about the Norwegian Embassy in Ghana to alleviate your troubles.

Functions of the Norway Embassy in Ghana

An embassy is saddled with a lot of responsibility which it must carry out on behalf of the home country. The first and most important responsibility of the Norwegian embassy in Ghana is to ensure that bilateral relations between both countries are maintained and kept cordial. Officially the embassy is referred to as the Royal Norwegian Embassy and it is situated in Accra, Ghana.

The embassy handles the diplomatic relationship between Norway and a couple of West African countries. The countries include Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Senegal, Liberia, Mali, and Sierra Leone. Norway has consulates in all of these countries except in Ivory Coast.

The embassy also handles all visa application issues and ensures that Norwegian citizens in Ghana and all the other countries stated above are well taken care of.

Officers of the Norway Embassy in Ghana

  1. Ambassador – Gunnar Andreas Holm
  2. Minister Counsellor/Deputy Head of Mission – ØyvindUdland Johansen
  3. Counselor, Head of Administrative Affairs – Mr. Christian Larssen
  4. Counselor – Stein IngeNesvåg
  5. Counsellor-EURO – Sven-Erik Nagelgaard
  6. Special Attaché – GryHenriksen
  7. First Secretary – ØysteinWorpvik
  8. Second Secretary – AnjaHusebø

Address of the Norway Embassy in Ghana


Norwegian Embassy in Accra, Ghana
10, Klotey Crescent
North Labone
PMB CT 6, Cantonment

Telephone: (+233) 302 744 300

Email: [email protected]


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