Nurses Salary in Ghana: See How Much They Earn (2023)

Nursing is one of the professions that has always been lucrative and prestigious. The only challenge about nursing is that in recent times, nurses have been poorly paid, especially in Ghana. There are two major reasons why you must have sought out this article.

Nurses Salary in Ghana_ See How Much They Earn

The first being that you have a passion for nursing and want to become a nurse in Ghana so you need to know how much they earn. The second, you are probably carrying out some research on behalf of someone else. Regardless of your reason, this article promises to be a great read providing you with the needed information.

We cannot deny that nurses have had a hard time in the last few years in Ghana as we have seen them carry out strike upon strike just so their wages can be improved upon. This leaves us to wonder how much nurses in Ghana earn. The Ghanaian government has placed a ban on nurses traveling outside the country for practice.

Studying to be a nurse in Ghana is quite costly as the profession is regarded as very delicate since it has to do with the lives of individuals. A survey carried out in 2014 told us that the total number of nurses in Ghana was 20,400 who were paid at least $400 monthly at the time of the survey. Definitely, there are more nurses now, so it is only wise to find out how much they currently earn.

The salary structure of Nurses in Ghana

The salary of community nurses in Ghana is based on whether the nurses are registered or unregistered.

Registered nurses in Ghana earn their salaries based on their level of learning. Usually, the registered nurses in Ghana earn between $3,600 and $4,800 yearly. This figure is what is left after taxes have been removed. Normally this salary should be great for their survival monthly but because of the high cost of living and utilities, nurses are forced to take up second jobs.

The daily work period of nurses in most countries around the world is almost round the clock because there are always patients in hospitals. In Ghana, however, nurses work just between fifteen to eighteen hours a day. This is probably because of their need to balance their pay with other jobs. This simply implies that the salaries of nurses who have studied to diploma level and those who have a bachelor’s degree should be increased. The salary structure of nurses in Ghana was reviewed in 2010 and the current salary rates are not publicized.

Until 2014, there used to be a bond scheme by the Ghanaian government on nurses which meant that they could not work outside the country. If they had to, then they would have to pay heavily for it. This bond scheme led to a reduced number of nurses in Ghana, for example, the KorleBu Hospital was reported to have very few nurses some years back. The bond scheme is non-existent presently as Ghana has said that they have enough nurses now.

The result of having very new nurses was that nurse was overworked and ended up being rude to patients and delivering poor services. Their actions put Ghanaian hospitals in a very bad position as most patients got worse since they never received proper care.

The current salary scale is stated below:

  • Certificate nurses – They earn GHS 700 monthly.
  • Diploma nurses – GHS 900 and above monthly.
  • Degree holders – GHS 1600/2000 per month.

In conclusion, it easy to note that nurses in Ghana are not well paid and clearly need a raise. To be a nurse in Ghana it is basically more of passion than for the pay.

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