Online Stores in Ghana: Full List & Website Addresses (2023)

With the rise in internet activities, and the world has gone global, many are becoming used to shopping online. This in return has created a ripple effect as many online stores has sprung up and many more still coming up. You can buy anything on the internet these days, ranging from electronics, furniture, housewares, clothing, kitchen utensils, and even groceries.

Online Stores in Ghana

Online Stores in Ghana: Full List & Website Addresses

Ghana is not left behind in this growth in internet shopping. This doesn’t mean everyone is comfortable with shopping online, whether buying or selling as they are scared of being scammed. Ghanaians especially don’t trust online stores. The truth is it is very easy to get scammed while shopping online and Ghana has its own share of online frauds. This article has been written to help identify reliable online stores in Ghana.

The following stores have been tested and proven to be good at what they do.


Established in May 2014, Jumia is Ghana’s acclaimed no1 online store. They are an international online store with branches in sixteen African countries including, Nigeria, Morocco, Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya, and Cameroon. Jumia deals in a variety of goods and services including clothing, groceries, electronics, food, and travel amongst other things. They sell both local and foreign goods. They have an efficient online and offline customer care service, 24/7 online services. Paying for goods on Jumia is so, easy as you have the option of bank deposit, online payment, or pay on delivery. Delivery and pick up is very easy, with Jumia I guess it’s safe to say online shopping is a go.



Melcom is a new online store, that started as a physical store. They deal in clothes, electronics, furniture, and many more goods. Anything you can buy from Melcom stores, you can also get from their online store. All you need is to place an order from the comfort of your home and you will get it delivered to your doorstep. The good thing about Melcom is they have a physical store where you can always go to lay your complaint.


TONATON.COM is a local shopping online store that allows you to find about anything you want to buy. It majorly connects you to sellers in your area. They are the biggest online store that deals in used goods, so if you are looking to buy a mobile phone, electronics, car, house and so on Tonaton is the store for you. You can also put up ads for goods you want to sell on their site. Signing up is free and fast.



Zoobashop is an online store owned by a Ghanaian, they specialize in a variety of goods. Fashion items clothing, electronics, home appliances and many more. They deliver everywhere in Accra and Tema and hopes to extend to other parts of Ghana real soon. They have a flexible method of payment which includes payment on delivery or through online credit/debit card payment. In all shopping with Zoobashop is easy and trusted.



Olx is another online platform that is not just located in Ghana, it is a platform that connects sellers to buyers. They offer buyers and sellers who adhere to their terms a venue to display/search, sell and buy products as displayed on their site. Registering on Olx is a very simple process, just go to their site and sign up. You also don’t have to pay for goods until you have seen them, though you can decide to trust the vendor and pay, that at your own risk. The usual way to get goods is to set up a meeting between buyers or sellers to complete transactions.



They are an online shop based in Ghana, their goal is embracing African creativity. This store stocks up African products or African inspired ones with the aim of being the one-stop shop for African products. They showcase Africa to the world and help African made goods thrive. So when next you are looking to shop African Souq Afrique is the right place.



Cheki is an online store where you can buy a car or sell your car. They, like Olx, offer you a platform to sell or buy your cars, any kind of vehicle at all, used/new, trucks/van/cars/trailers and so on. They do not sell cars directly but connects you to the right dealership or individual.


BAAHE.COM is an online store that specializes in the sale of high-quality electronic devices that are also quite affordable. They are also a sale consulting company. They offer payment on delivery package which makes shopping with them so easy.


In conclusion, you can visit any of these stores to make your online purchases. It definitely makes life easier than having to visit the stores in person, wasting time and effort.

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