Pharmacy Technicians’ Salary in Ghana: See What They Earn (2023)

You must have heard of a pharmacist but pharmacy technicians aren’t so popular. It is either you have some knowledge about who they are or you just stumbled on this post.

Whichever it is, one of the key motivators for choosing a career path is money. To this end, we will be taking a look at how much a pharmacy technician earns in Ghana. In addition to this, we will consider several other key issues relating to pharmacy technicians.

Are you ready? Let’s get straight to business without further ado.

Pharmacy Technicians’ Salary in Ghana: See What They Earn

Pharmacy Technicians Salary in Ghana

How much do pharmacy technicians earn in Ghana?

Pharmacy technicians are known to perform a variety of tasks. We will discuss their tasks and responsibilities later in this post. The minimum wage for pharmacy technicians in Ghana is between GH₵5.08 to GH₵19.05 every hour.

With this information, you can calculate how much they earn every week and every month. The pay is quite high and is a good motivation if you want to work as a pharmacy technician.

Who is a pharmacy technician?

In simple English, a pharmacy technician is a person who assists the pharmacist to carry out a plethora of tasks. Most of the time, the individual prepares, and in some cases, processes prescriptions on behalf of the pharmacist.

Depending on the rules guiding the profession in a country, the pharmacy technician may be able to dispense drugs. This implies that he or she may be saddled with the responsibility of mixing and dispensing the drugs in the doctor’s prescription.

There is a marked difference between a pharmacist, a pharmacy technician, and a pharmacy aide. Even though sometimes, duties tend to overlap, it is important to work with the differences.

Responsibilities of a pharmacy technician in Ghana

As stated earlier, the pharmacy technician performs quite a number of tasks. One thing is sure, all or almost all of the pharmacy technician’s duties are geared at helping the pharmacist.

In this section, we will take a look at the different responsibilities of a pharmacy technician in Ghana. They include:

  1. Labeling containers and filling them with the appropriate medications as contained in the prescription.
  2. Providing needed assistance to patients or clients. This may involve answering questions, finding drugs or other items, or directing them to the pharmacist for further instructions.
  3. Ensuring drugs are properly stored and secured.
  4. Accepting refill requests and prescriptions from medical professionals. They are to go ahead to verify if such information is accurate and complete with respect to medical standards.
  5. Working under the supervision of the pharmacist to properly prepare medications for clients. They can also work under other medical professionals if the need arises.
  6. Drawing up an efficient inventory of all drugs and chemicals in the pharmacy. This is done by ordering, writing labels, and counting the available stock of such supplies.
  7. Pricing prescriptions before filling them thus creating an efficient recordkeeping system for patients. This record includes a list of drugs and other medications administered to the patient.
  8. Preparing all the equipment used in the dispensing of medicine and other supplies to patients.
  9. Dispensing medication to patients occasionally and providing oral and written instructions for use. This is usually based on the instructions of the doctor or pharmacist who provides oversight.

Skillset requirement for a pharmacy technician in Ghana

Every occupation has a set of skills that an individual must possess before being employed. These skills are known as requirements. In the case of pharmacy technicians, the required skills are nothing out of the ordinary.

These are the basic skills you need before you can be drafted as a pharmacy technician in Ghana:

  1. Reading – This actually entails being able to read English and medical terms. It goes further to being able to understand what is being read. This is very crucial to avoid dispensing the wrong medication which could end up in fatality.
  2. Speaking – The pharmacy technician must be able to convey messages verbally to and from the supervising pharmacist. There is no room for error when it comes to relaying information, especially regarding medication dosage, to patients.
  3. Listening ability – Beyond reading and speaking clearly, a pharmacy technician is required to understand verbal speech. This is important as the individual has to hear instructions clearly, interpret them, and carry out the corresponding action. Asides from instructions, he must also hear and understand inquiries and requests by the patients.
  4. Attention to detail – This is needed the most when labeling drugs and other medical supplies. It is also important when dispensing drugs to patients. Mistakes could be fatal.
  5. Organization skills – The pharmacy technician needs this to avert unnecessary errors or mistakes.

Pharmacy Technicians’ Salary in Ghana: See What They Earn (Wrap Up)

Pharmacy technicians don’t earn as much as pharmacists in Ghana or anywhere in the world. However, they earn a decent living and enjoy a very important job that involves saving lives. The demand for people in this occupation is on the increase currently in Ghana so you may consider the option.

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