PlayStation 4 Prices in Ghana (2023)

Gaming isn’t just a way to have fun, apart from the fact that activities like this relax the nerves and enhance overall better living, scientists have discovered gaming has a way of enhancing one’s alertness, sharpening the mind and helping overall efficiency. While some games that have graced the surface of the earth didn’t last so long in the industry, some others have stamped their names in the sand of time, becoming a darling of the young ones in the process. One of these gaming consoles is the PlayStation.

The Sony PlayStation not only creates a great deal of satisfaction and camaraderie amongst the players, a fact most chaps can testify to, it also takes the gaming experience to a whole new digital level. While lots of Sony PlayStation have been released over the years, one of the newest in the market is the PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 4 Prices in Ghana

The success of PlayStation 4 has been remarkable. Apart from the fact that they are among the bestselling gaming consoles in Ghana at the moment, they are one of the most technical, entertaining and most valuable pieces of gaming consoles in the industry today.

Everything about PlayStation 4 is spectacular. The PlayStation 3 released before this gaming console was almost perfect. Building on such a great design was always going to be difficult yet PlayStation 4 spectacularly showed a great distinction in terms of picture quality, image qualities, graphic card, player movements, celebration and overall functionality. It is one thing to play a video game, it is another to live in the experience; Sony PlayStation 4 gives you a feel of the latter.

It is easy to see why this gaming console has ruled the market over the years. Just like other Sony PlayStation released before it, the gaming experience is out of this world. From the HD quality, advanced video and audio qualities down to the outstanding handling and over control, PS4 answers the questions PS3 raised; and does that in the most scintillating of ways. As expected, Sony has come up with another masterpiece in the design, building and integration of Ps4. Although one might not yet classify PS4 as the most entertaining and remarkable gaming console of all time, it is well worth it to rate the video game among the most valuable, engaging and interesting in Ghana today.

The question is; how much does PlayStation 4 go for in Ghana today? In this post, we will take a look at how much PS4 goes for in the market today.

Prices of Brand New PlayStation 4 Gaming Console in Ghana

Ghanaians have embraced the evolution of PlayStation in the country and it is easy to see why. Since the introduction of the Sony PlayStation many years ago, Ghana has been one of the countries with the highest number of sales in Africa. PS4 has not only taken the gaming experience to another level, it allows for more gaming options. Sony has sold over 30 million PS4 gaming consoles already.

Although Ps4 is not the cheapest of gaming consoles, it is relatively affordable; after all, in gaming, nothing is expensive. PS4 surely guarantees value for your money in this gaming console. PS4 gaming consoles are readily available in Ghana and go for relatively affordable prices. Brand new PlayStation 4 gaming consoles go for different prices in different places though. They are available in Sony stores across the country and can also be gotten in gaming console stores and other electronic stores. It should be noted that prices vary in these places.

On average, a brand new PlayStation 4 can be gotten between ¢1, 950 – ¢2, 700. The variation in the price is as a result of certain factor which includes the internal memory of the gaming console, place and period of purchase. A PS4 console with 1 TB will be more expensive than one with 500 GB. Also, these gaming consoles are usually more expensive during festive periods. For instance, PS4 gaming consoles are usually more expensive in December and January. All these have been considered in the price range as stated above.

 Prices of Fairly Used PlayStation 4 Gaming Console in Ghana (2021)

Locally and foreign used PlayStation 4 gaming consoles are readily available in Ghana. The fact that the gaming consoles are generally rugged and reliable makes fairly used versions great options. They are relatively cheaper than brand new versions.

Foreign Used Playstation 4 prices in Ghana: ¢1, 450 – ¢1, 650

Locally Used Playstation 4 prices in Ghana: ¢1, 200 – ¢1, 500

The variation in these prices is a result of some factors which include the physical condition of the gaming console, the operation effectiveness, additional features and games it comes with, place and period of purchase and other similar factors.

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