Prices of LG Fridges in Ghana (2023)

From the moment LG entered the refrigerator in Ghana some decades ago through to the moments they topped the market and dominated in the industry, it was always certain that LG is one of the brands to beat in the industry. LG is one of the top models that need no long introduction. From their classic “Life’s good” slogan to their scintillating logo, LG has proven over time to be among the very best in whichever industry they dive into. Their success in the fridge industry does not come as a surprise to many, given their exploit in other electronic and home appliance industries. What amazes the world though, is the manner at which they have dominate the industry in many parts of the world, including West Africa.

When it comes to LG products, excellence is one of the core driver of their advertisement; and true in that. They are one of the brands that place quality over quantity and put customer satisfaction above anything else.

Prices of LG Fridges in Ghana

The brand continues to manufacture one of the refrigerators available. Their refrigerators are durable, efficient and boast of features that are easy to use and improve overall functionality. The market appreciates it, the world knows it, Ghana savours it, LG is simply one of the go-to brands when it comes to fridges.  Even as they have been around for a long time and are known to produce the best household appliances in the world, there is still reason for one to read LG refrigerator reviews if they are looking for one that is made by a company.

The South Korean company came into existence many years ago and have since ranked among the top brands in every industry they dive into. One can easily assume that they are providers of quality and very useful appliances. They have developed a brand that not only attracts customers but also investors and other manufacturers. If you are looking for a specific fridge manufactured by this company, it is essential you read some of their users’ reviews and complaints about their products. This will not only help you in finding the right refrigerator for your home, you will also confirm the authenticity, durability and efficiency of the products.

LG fridges are so popular Ghana and it is easy to know why. Although they may not be the most sought after, most expensive or even the overall best, their products are known for their durability, beauty and class. You don’t need to spend so much to get a LG refrigerator. Although they are not necessarily the cheapest out there, they are readily affordable and given their quality, offer real value for their money.

LG refrigerators vary in types and sizes. Some LG refrigerators come with a small segment of freezer usually situated at the inner top of the refrigerator. This part is usually the coldest and freezers way faster than the rest of the fridge. They vary in size, design and shape. One of the most important parts of the fridge is the capacity. They are available in different litres and vary in overall power requirement.

Are you wondering how much LG fridges go for in the market today? You are on the right page, reading the right information. Here, we will take a look at prices of popular models of LG refrigerators.

 Prices of LG Refrigerators in Ghana

LG refrigerators are among the most sought after fridges in Ghana today. LG have not only built a brand; they have also developed a dynasty for their reputable products. From their phones to their home and kitchen appliances, LG products stand out in every way one can imagine; and so also does their prices. Although their products are not the most expensive in the market, they still sit on the high side of pocket value.

One thing is certain about LG products, you get value for your money, regardless. Their products’ functionality, ease of use, durability and overall efficiency make them worth every penny. When it comes to smart, compact and efficient refrigerators, it is hard to look beyond LG.

LG fridges are available for purchase at any LG office across the country. They can also be purchased online and in home appliance stores across the country. To be on the safer side though, it is always advisable to purchase the fridges directly from LG offices. They are cheaper in the stores and are relatively more reliable. You can also have direct access with customer services and can trigger the warrantee clause when need be.

Here are prices of some of the popular LG fridge models available in Ghana today.

  • LG Double Door Refrigerator 313 Litres: ¢3, 000 – ¢3, 550
  • LG Double Door Refrigerator 232 Litres: ¢2, 000 – ¢2, 250
  • LG Double Door Refrigerator 407 Litres: ¢4, 100 – ¢4, 550
  • LG Bottom Mount Freezer Refrigerator 389 Litres: ¢3, 500 – ¢4, 000
  • LG side-by-side Refrigerator 626 Litres: ¢6, 700 – ¢7, 300

Things You Should Know About LG Refrigerators

LG is regarded among the biggest electronic brands in the world. Established in 1947, the South Korean company has gone on to lead I various industries, building a reputation that is now appreciated in every part of the world. As of 2009, this company is the third largest-producer of mobile phones and the second largest-producer of television sets in the entire world. The company has about one hundred and forty-nine subsidiaries all over the world that manufacture different kinds of electronic gadgets from home appliances to telecommunication devices. Electronics is a Top 100 global brand that is a dominant force to be reckoned with in the electronics industry. LG Electronics is a dominant company in the electronics industry. Its subsidiary LG Electronics USA is also prevailing in the North American market.

Things You Will Like About LG Fridges

  • LG fridges are durable
  • They are efficient and gives you value for your money
  • They are available in different types, sizes and designs.
  • They fit well into spaces.

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