Projector Prices in Ghana (2023)

In simple terms, a projector is a device used to enlarge images and videos for better viewing.  Unlike traditional television, a projector is a much smaller device and some models can project up to 200 inches which are way larger than the size of any television ever made.

While projectors could make presentations and movie nights better and fun, buying one is no easy task. There are many technical jargons that you will have to understand and you will have to budget properly or you would end up with a cheap product that comes with a poor image and video quality. Worse still, you might end up with a projector that breaks down during use.

Projector Prices in Ghana

Projector Prices in Ghana

In this post, you will find a buying guide that will help you make the right decision when picking a projector for your home movies, seminars or business presentations. You will also find the current prices of projector in Ghana. This way you can budget towards buying an efficient and durable projector.

What to Consider When Buying A Good Projector

If you think buying a projector simply means walking into a store and buying one within your budget, then you should think again. There are many projector models each designed to suit a certain need.

When searching for the right projector, you should not only consider the cost but the features too. Below, we have discussed in detail, the things you should consider when buying a good projector.

Brightness: When you buy a projector, you’re doing so to magnify images so that you and the other people in the room can get a better view of the images or the video. The brightness of the projector will determine how clear the projected picture will be, so its important that you only go for projectors that provide very clear pictures.

The brightness of a projector is determined by its lumens number. The higher the lumens number, the clearer the pictures that will be displayed. Always look for projectors with lumens numbers higher than 2000.

However, projectors with 3000 lumens and above are usually the best. You won’t have to wait till its dark or make the room dark to set up these projectors as they can project bright, clear images even in bright rooms.

Resolution: Probably you’ve heard of 720 by 1080 pixels in mobile phones and TVs. Well, its just the same with projectors. The resolution determines the quality of the image or video projected on the screen. Even if you buy a really bright projector, you would end up with a really poor image if the resolution is not good enough. The best option when considering resolution is going for a projector that projects in 1080p. Most projectors with this feature come with a hefty price tag, but they are worth it.

Throw distance: Most shoppers neglect the throw distance when buying a projector and this ends up affecting their user experience later on. The throw distance refers to how far the projector will be placed from the screen. Some projectors have a short throw distance meaning you would have to place them really close to the screen to get a clear, bright picture. Other projectors come with a long throw distance.

Connectivity: Some projectors come with a lot of connection options (HDMI, VGA, USB ports, and Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity). The more connection options on the projector usually mean a higher price tag, but you shouldn’t go for a projector with fewer connection options just because of its cost. Depending on your reason for buying the projector, you might need a projector with as many connection options as possible.

Projection Type: Projectors come in three types: DLP projection, LCOS projection, and LCD projection. Out of these three, LCOS projectors provide the best quality when it comes to picture quality and brightness, however, they are also the most expensive options. For consumers who consider LCOS projectors to be too great a cost, they can always turn to DLP projectors which are almost as good but they would still cost a little fortune. The last option – LCD projectors are best suitable for the average consumer and shoppers on a tight budget.

Projection Size: Some projectors can project up to 100 inches while others can go even higher at 300 inches. If you’re buying a projector for movie night, you would need one large enough for the entire crowd. However, if you’re buying it for home use along, you should focus on projectors with smaller projection sizes.

Prices of Projectors in Ghana

Below are the prices of some of the best projectors

Projector Name                                                                                                      Price Range

APEMAN 4500 Lumen 1080P Supported Projector                                     GH₵740 – GH₵800

BenQ HT2050A 1080P Home Theater Projector | 2200 Lumens            GH₵4,200 – GH₵4,500

QKK Portable LCD Projector 3800 Lumens                                                     GH₵550 – GH₵1,000

Jinhoo Mini Overhead Projector 3500 Lumens                                              GH₵390 – GH₵450

PHOOTA Portable LED Video Mini Projector with 2400 Lumens            GH₵390 – GH₵450

DBPOWER L21 LCD Video Projector, 4200 Lumens                                    GH₵560 – GH₵600

XINDA Mini Projector with 4600 Lumens                                                       GH₵620 – GH₵650

Bomaker Wi-Fi Mini Projector, Upgraded 4500 Lumens                            GH₵850 – GH₵900

ManyBox Mini Portable Video Projector with 3500 Lumens                    GH₵350 – GH₵400

YABER Portable Projector with 5000 Lumens                                               GH₵590 – GH₵650

Crenova Native 1080p LED Video 6000 Lumens HDMI Projector           GH₵960 – GH₵1000

Laiduoao Video 4000 Lumen Portable 1080P Full HD Projector             GH₵740 – GH₵800

WiMiUS Native 6200 Lumens 1080P LED Video Projector                       GH₵1480 – GH₵1550

BARZAA 4200 Lumens Full HD Video  LED Home Theater Projector    GH₵740 – GH₵800

SLVGP8S Digital Projector                                                                     GH₵260 – GH₵300

Digital DLP Portable Projector                                                                            GH₵590 – GH₵650

LG PH 300 Lumens DLP Portable Projector                                                    GH₵1,800 – GH₵2,000

Acer X113 2800 Lumens Projector                                                                    GH₵1,100 – GH₵1,200

Acer DLP 3000 Lumens Projector                                                                      GH₵1,400 – GH₵1,500

Acer 1273 3000 Lumens Projector                                                                    GH₵1300 – GH₵1500

Infocus IN122A 3500 Lumens Projector                                                          GH₵1,700 – GH₵1,800

Infocus IN112A 3000 Lumens Projector                                                          GH₵1,400 – GH₵1,500

Dell 35000 Lumens Projector                                                                              GH₵2,200 – GH₵2,400

Dell 4320 4300 Lumens Projector                                                                     GH₵4,500 – GH₵5,000

Epson S18 3000 Lumens Projector                                                                    GH₵2,000 – GH₵2,500

Epson Powerlight 1960 5000 Lumens Projector                                          GH₵4,700 – GH₵5,000

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