PS3 Prices in Ghana (2023)

The gaming world is evolving and Sony is playing a big part in that. The world has not only fully embraced the innovation, creativity, excitement and experience that comes with Sony gaming consoles, they are also gradually coming to the understanding that Sony remains the king of the gaming industry. While their inventions have not only ruled the market over the years, they have also been the most popular and widely played in the world, especially in the western parts of Africa.

Sony introduced the PlayStation many years ago and has since then ruled the video game market. The PlayStation has evolved since its introduction to the market.

PS3 Prices in Ghana

The PlayStation 3 was introduced when the gaming industry was becoming a hit. Released after a very successful PS 2 campaign, play station 3 needed little introduction as the PS 2 already opened the floor for the gaming experience. Although PlayStation 4 has been released and has eclipsed the reign of PS3, it is still worth taking a look at the gaming console.

PS3 Prices in Ghana

When it comes to the gaming experience, PS3 gives you a feeling that you will never forget in a rush. From the HD quality, advanced video and audio qualities down to the outstanding handling and over control, PS3 gives you a feel some mile above PS2. Imagine using a gaming console with realistic graphics and entertaining sound effects. Imagine a gaming console that has the capacity to allow you to connect and play with people around the world. Imagine a gaming console that affords you freedom from wires and cables; PS3 not only gives you that experience on a whole new level.

It is easy to see why the PlayStation 3 has won the market in Ghana. Sony has stunned the market with the introduction of PS1, and 2 over the past decades, practically ruling the gaming world and dictating the overall gaming market.  Just when you thought Sony was done, the PlayStation 3 was introduced and it leaves just a single question in mind: Can Sony ever stop being creatively amazing?

Have you ever wondered how much PS3 gaming consoles go for in the Ghana market? You are on the right page. Here, we will take a look at the prices of the PS3 gaming console. We will consider the prices of the brand new and fairly used versions of the gaming console.

Prices of Brand New PlayStation 3 Gaming Console in Ghana

PS3 is not the latest Sony PlayStation model. In fact, it isn’t the second to the latest. The introduction of PlayStation 4 has not only devalued PS3, but the demand in the market has also been on the low. Yet, PS3 still remains among the most coveted and sought-after gaming consoles in the market. Of a truth, PS 3 didn’t make as much exploit as PS2 made in the market. The introduction of the later models of Sony PlayStations has made PS 3 far more affordable.

The main problem PS3 faces in the market today is accessibility. They are not readily available and the introduction of later versions of Sony video games has overshadowed the market of PS3. Although they are still available in lots of electronic stores and some Sony stores in Ghana, they are not as readily available as PS4.

Brand new PlayStation 3 gaming consoles go for different prices in different stores. They are available in Sony stores across the country and can also be gotten in gaming console stores and other electronic stores. They go for varying prices in these locations. On average, a brand new PS3 can be gotten between ¢1, 300 – ¢1, 750. The variation in the price is as a result of certain factor which includes the internal memory of the gaming console, place and period of purchase. Also, gaming consoles are generally more expensive during festive periods. For instance, PS4 gaming consoles are usually more expensive towards the end of the year and the turn of a new year.

Prices of Fairly Used PS3 Gaming Console in Ghana 

Locally and foreign used PS3 is more readily available in Ghana today compared to the brand new versions. The gaming consoles are usually rugged and durable which only enhances the availability of the fairly used versions. Generally, they are cheaper than the brand new versions.

The list below shows the average price range of fairly used PS3 in Ghana. We will highlight how much foreign used and locally used versions of the gaming console go for in the current market.

Foreign Used PlayStation 3 prices in Ghana: ¢800 – ¢1, 250

Locally Used PlayStation 3 prices in Ghana: ¢500 – ¢700

Note that the variation in the prices listed above is a result of some factors which include the physical condition of the gaming console, efficiency, additional features and other basic factors.

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