Ranks In The Ghana Education Service (2023)

The Ghana Education Service is one of the most important sectors of the Ghanaian economy just like in every other country. The service is under the administration of the Ghana Ministry of Education. I believe you are reading this article to get more knowledge about the Ghana Education Service. This could be because of your passion for education or just to get information.

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In this article, you will gain knowledge about the ranks in the Ghana Education Service ranks. Just like every other body, the Ghana Education Service is well-ordered into ranks. The ranks are based on two criteria, educational qualification and years of service.

Without further ado, let’s go through the ranks in the Ghana Education Service.

Ranks In The Ghana Education Service

The ranks stated below are arranged in descending order:

  • Director General
  • Deputy Director
  • Assistant Director I
  • Assistant Director II
  • Principal Superintendent
  • Senior Superintendent I
  • Senior Superintendent II
  • Superintendent II
  • Superintendent I
  • Teacher

From the above list, you will notice that the highest ranking officer in the Ghana Educational Service is the Director-General and the least ranked officer is the Teacher. Without much explanation, you should know that the salary of an individual is based on the rank of that individual. I have explained the different ranks briefly in the next few paragraphs.

Director General

This is the highest rank in the service and is based on a recommendation by the Ghana Education Service. Anyone in this position serves for a period of four years and the major responsibility is to ensure the policies of the educational sector are implemented efficiently. The Director-General also acts as the mediator between the Government and the Ghana Education Service to negotiate issues such as pay raise, bonuses, remunerations, etc.

Deputy Director General

The holder of this position serves by providing administrative and technical support to the Director-General as well as supervise officers under his/her jurisdiction. All of this is in a bid to ensure that the objectives of the sector are achieved through the best methods possible.

Assistant Director I

This individual oversees the advancement of laid down policies from conception till actualization. To attain this position an individual must have prior experience as an Assistant Director II for a minimum of three years. he or she must also have excelled in promotion interviews organized by the GES and must be a professional teacher of repute.

Assistant Director II

Basically, this individual is an assistant to the Assistant Director I and to attain this position the individual must have been a Principal Superintendent in the GES for a minimum of three years.

Principal Superintendent

The responsibilities of the individual holding this position include overseeing and managing offices within a particular district. The required qualifications include being a graduate from a higher institution, serving as a Senior Superintendent for at least three years, and passing the interview organized by the GES.

Senior Superintendent I

This office requires that an individual has served as a Senior Superintendent II for a minimum of three years and excelling in the promotion interview organized by the GES.

Senior Superintendent II

To attain this office an individual must have for three consecutive years in the GES or served two consecutive years as a Superintendent I in the GES.

Superintendent I

This office requires that an individual must have served for four consecutive years in the GES and must be a licensed member of the Ghana Teachers’ Union.


To be a teacher in the GES one must possess any of a diploma or degree certificate in any discipline. The individual must have also passed an examination set and vetted by the Superintendent I.

Now I believe you are well equipped with information regarding the Ranks in the Ghana Education Service for whatever purpose you require such information.

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