Recycling Companies in Ghana (2023)

Waste management is one of the serious problems plaguing the African continent as the waste been produced daily overpowers the number of facilities and personnel available to manage and dispose of it properly.

The problem takes a new turn for non-biodegradable waste like plastic and paper which continues to accumulate due to the lack of adequate resources to properly manage them. To this effect, recycling companies have provided solutions that can properly manage the disposal of these non-biodegradable wastes.

Recycling Companies in Ghana

Recycling Companies in Ghana

Ghana of the many countries determined to get rid of the waste materials within its cities and its borders. These materials are quite hazardous to the environment and human existence and this is why several recycling companies in Ghana have taken the challenge to properly manage the nation’s non-biodegradable waste.

In this article, we will be looking at the top 10 waste recycling companies in Ghana. These companies focus on the recycling of plastic, paper, and rubber waste materials which are the main non-biodegradable waste products building up in the country.

3G Plastic Limited Company

3G Plastic is one of the largest manufacturers of plastic in Ghana and also one of the biggest plastic recycling companies in the country. The company recycles any plastic materials for reuse that could otherwise end up in the environment. They also offer affordable recycling services to their clients.

You can locate the company in Tema city at 3G house opposite Nestle Heavy Industrial Area.

GP Waste Recycle Co.Ltd.

GP is another major recycling company located in Tema city, Accra. The company just like 3G Plastic is involved in the manufacture and sale of plastic materials. These plastic materials are later collected and recycled for reuse by the company. This saves the cost of manufacturing new plastic materials and also protects the environment from land pollution as it helps control excessive build up of plastic waste in Ghana

Polytex Ind. Ltd.

Polytex is also involved in the manufacture, packaging, and sales of plastic materials in Ghana. To this effect, they are involved in the recycling of such materials for reuse. The company is one of the major plastic waste recycling companies in Ghana which helped the nation in its battle against the buildup of plastic waste in its environment and on its borders.

Polytex is located along Dadeban Road in the northern part of Accra City.

Nelplast Ghana Limited

Nelplast is a major waste recycling company in Ghana which recycles almost 8% of the country’s plastic waste. The company is actively involved in the plastic waste recycling process as the plastic materials are converted into stone materials which are then used for road construction.

Nelplast is also located in Accra, Ghana

Waste Recycling Ghana Limited

Paper waste is one of the non-biodegradable wastes plaguing the African continent. Before the introduction of recycling companies, there had been insufficient resources and ideas on how to properly dispose of this kind of waste. With the introduction of paper recycling companies like Waste Recycling, paper waste has been properly managed in Ghana

SSC Fumigation And Pest Control Service

SSC once offers environmental services related to fumigation and pest control, however, the company soon added the collection of litter and other environmental services which were aimed at improving the environment. Presently, the company has expanded to paper waste recycling services and is one of the major paper waste recycling companies in Ghana.

Ibisek Limited

Rubber waste is another form of non-biodegradable waste that easily builds up in Ghana and its environs. Ibisek Limited was established in 2005 with the primary goal of managing and recycling rubber waste in the country. Over the years, the amount of rubber waste in Ghana has greatly reduced leaving a healthier and safer environment.

Casella Limited

Casella Limited is one of the foreign rubber waste recycling companies charged with cleaning up the environment. The company is responsible for the testing and assessment of the environmental factors which could cause pollution. They also proffer suggestions and solutions on how to prevent these factors. Their solutions are aimed at managing the situations if preventing the factors was unfeasible.

Casella is a reputable company with experience in environmental conservation solutions. The company is also one of the oldest companies in the field as it has been in operation for the last two centuries. Its services are reliable and credible which is why it is a popular choice not only in Ghana but in other countries in Africa and the world.

Dilo Armaturen Und Anlagen

This company is one of the few rubber recycling companies in Ghana which strives to conserve the environment and reduce the amount of non-biodegradable waste in the country. Dilo Armaturen is actively involved in the recycling of rubber waste products in Ghana. It is also responsible for leak testing in the country and has several distributors of its products spread across the country.

Terawet Green Technologies Inc. (TGT)

Terawet Green Technologies is another major company in the heart of Ghana actively involved in the fight against the accumulation of non-biodegradable waste in the country. TGT is a social company that addresses the issue of creating an ecologically friendly environment by eliminating any form of non-biodegradable waste materials, be it; plastic, paper, or rubber materials. The company mainly focuses on reducing and managing soil and water pollutions. To this effect, it is a major recycler of rubber waste materials which tend to accumulate in the land and waters of Ghana.

Reading through this article, you will notice that there are several companies that are actively involved in the goal of eliminating non-biodegradable waste in Ghana by recycling these wastes in new products that can be used for other purposes. The efforts of these companies have seen a significant drop in the amount of waste in the land and waters of Ghana thereby leaving a more ecologically friendly environment.

This is quite important as non-biodegradable wastes are quite harmful to the environment and the people residing in such areas, especially if they accumulate to unhealthy levels.

That concludes the article on the Top 10 recycling companies in Ghana.

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