Samsung Galaxy S8 Price In Ghana (2023)

Samsung was established several years as an electronics company. Over the years and with the invention of mobile phone technology the company has expanded to manufacturing phones as well. Today Samsung is the number one producer of Android devices and there is obviously no going back.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Price In Ghana

Samsung Galaxy S8 Price In Ghana

Yearly the company produces android phones which are not just sleek and beautiful but boast optimal performance indices. This is why I am not surprised you are searching for the Samsung Galaxy S8 price in Ghana. The Galaxy S8 was released into the market in 2017 and considering it was Samsung’s best phone at the time.

You probably are not shocked by this as Samsung regularly works to outdo their previous smartphone models. The question to answer is what makes the Samsung Galaxy S8 tick? The first thing is how Samsung was able to manipulate the phone to increase the display screen yet maintain the compactness of the phone. Another is the intelligent digital assistant, Bixby, installed by Samsung to help you navigate through the phone easily.

My guess is by now you are itching to know more about the new specifications and features Samsung has embedded in the Galaxy S8. No need to bore you further. Check them out below:



The design is everything. When it comes to phones you are allowed to judge the book by its cover. Samsung knows this and so they have done everything to ensure the Galaxy S8 is beautiful and compact enough to fit into bags, purses, and pockets. Truth be told, no one wants to carry a bulky phone about. This is what Samsung did. They removed the regular home button and made it invisible. This way there is a wider display space. Next, they removed the bezel of the phone. Now the phone is sleeker than any of its predecessors.

If you have used any of the preceding Samsung phones, especially those in the galaxy series, you sure will remember that the fingerprint sensor was embedded on the home button. The removal of the home button moves the fingerprint sensor to the rear of the phone just beside the back camera. To ensure that the phone is durable Samsung installs a Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on the screen. So in case you are quite clumsy, you can be sure your phone screen is protected. The other parts of the phone are covered in metal.

At the bottom of the phone, you can see the 3.5mm audio jack and a USB Type C port for charging the phone and connecting to your computer. On the right side is the power button which doubles as a shortcut to the camera. All you need do is double-tap and you can begin taking pictures. The volume rocker is on the opposite side of the phone. Just below it you have a small button that gives you access to Samsung’s new intelligent digital assistant known as Bixby. Finally, the Galaxy S8 is rated IP8 which means it can stay under up to 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes without malfunctioning.


You already know that the physical home button in previous versions of the Galaxy series has been made invisible in the S8. Let’s break down what that implies to the user. The removal of the physical home button means you have a wider display space on the same size of the phone. The new display screen is 5.8-inches and it is all covered in Corning Gorilla Glass 5. To make it classier all the edges of the glass are curved.

Now that the home button is invisible where is it? It is still where it used to be just that now it is onscreen. You should see it while running your regular applications though it could disappear sometimes. When it does you just need to tap the base of the screen and it is back up. The new screen is equipped with AMOLED that gives you a resolution of 1440 x 2960 pixels.


To most people, this is the most important part of the phone. The advent of social media has made cameras so important as you need to post very clear and qualitative pictures and videos to become popular. Samsung is definitely not going to let you down, though the number of upgrades to the cameras of the phone when compared to its predecessors, is very minimal.

The back camera is still the same 12-megapixels as you find in the Galaxy S7. Samsung has said that what they upgraded was the camera software so you can have better quality pictures and videos. The front camera has been upgraded however from 5-megapixels to 8-megapixels. What this implies are clearer pictures and videos. It also comes with HDR and autofocus features.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 runs on an octa-core processor but depending on your country of residence it can either be a Samsung Exynos chipset or Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. There isn’t much diversity and they both come with 10nm chips to make them more efficient. The phone has 4GB RAM and an internal memory size of 64GB. This can be expanded to 256GB using an external SD card.

The phone is 4G LTE enabled and other regular smartphone features.


Galaxy S8 runs on the Android 7(Nougat) operating system. It also features the regular Samsung UI skin. Then there is Bixby, the intelligent digital assistant Samsung placed there just for you. It can help you carry out simple tasks like making calls, editing pictures, saving documents, conducting searches, etc. You can trigger all of these simply by your voice commands. The most amazing Bixby feature is that it can translate foreign languages using Google translate.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Price In Ghana

I can bet you can’t wait to get your hands on your own Galaxy S8. They are available on Jumia Ghana and Telefonika. You can also get the phone at any accredited mobile phone store within the country. Prices start from GHS3,575 though they can be higher depending on your location and the accessories you want.

Now you quickly make your order while stock lasts.

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