Samsung Home Theatre Prices in Ghana (2023)

If you desire a home theatre that is efficient, durable and with absolutely wonderful sound output, then Samsung home theatres should be among the top options on your list. For all the right reasons, Samsung home theatres are among the most popular sound systems in Ghana today. They are known for their durability and top level sound output. If you are a lover of great music with wonderful sound output, then these sets of home theatres are specifically designed for you.

When it comes to breath-taking sound output, durability and beauty, it is always difficult to look beyond Samsung. For one, the brand has not only established themselves among the top rated electronic brand in the world, they have ruled in almost all the industries they have dived into.

Samsung Home Theatre Prices in Ghana

From their mobile phones, their laptops, electronic gadgets to their home appliances, Samsung have commanded the market, bring the very best to their customers.

From the moment Samsung entered the electronics market in 1938, through the years they have successfully dominated the Ghanaian market with their wonderful high class products with amazing features, there has never been doubt about the brand’s commanding and envious. If you are a follower of Samsun, given their previous commanding achievements and high class products, you shouldn’t be surprised about the quality of their home theatres.

Samsung is one of those global brands you see everywhere. This means it will be very easy to fix their products when need be. Another advantage Samsung home theatre have is that, although they can be relatively expensive, there is this special quality you get. Thy simply give you value for your money as their products are worth every penny. In terms of durability and overall efficiency, it is usually difficult to look beyond Samsung. Although they don’t just have some much commanding presence, they rule wherever they find themselves. Little wonder they remain among the most sought after home theatre brands in Ghana today.

Samsung home theatres are available in different sizes and shapes. The different types vary in features, sound output and prices although they maintain high quality in their various classes. In this post, we will take a look at the prices of popular models of the brand and why they are one of the best sound systems available in Ghana today.

Prices of Samsung Home Theatres in Ghana

Samsung home theatres are everywhere you go. At least four of ten home theatre owners in Ghana use a Samsung home theatre. This not only states how well Ghana has received the brand, but it also shows that the brand manufactures one of the most reliable and efficient home theatres in Ghana at the moment. The company has developed a strong reputation and you can only expect their products, including their home theatres to replicate such excellence.

Samsung has stamped their authority on the electronic market in Ghana and will remain among the very best in the industry in the foreseeable future. Their products are among the most in-demand in the current market in the country. Just like other home theatres, Samsung home theatres are available in various sizes, shapes, sound qualities and designs.  The prices of these home theatres are dependent on their sound qualities, sizes, power rating and other relative factors. Prices are not necessarily dependent on the year of production or release of the home theatres. This means that a home theatre manufactured in 2010 may be more expensive than one manufactured in 2017.

Samsung sound systems can be bought directly from the manufacturer or local distributors across the country. Their home theatres are also available in online gadget stores and contemporary suppliers. Here, we will take a look at prices of various types and models of LG home theatres available today.

  • Samsung HT-J5150 Home Theatre: ¢1, 700 – ¢2, 300
  • Samsung HT-J5550 Blu-Ray Channel Home Theatre: ¢3, 000 – ¢3, 500
  • Samsung HW-H751 Wireless Multi-room Soundbar: ¢2, 700 – ¢3, 300
  • Samsung HT-J4500 Blu-Ray Home Theatre: ¢1, 000 – ¢1, 300
  • Samsung HT-J4500K Home Theatre (long speakers): ¢1, 300 – ¢1, 600
  • Samsung HT-J6001 300W curved soundbar: ¢1, 700 – ¢2, 300

Things You Should Know About Samsung Home Theatre

Samsung home theatre is widely regarded as the best in the world. Apart from the fact that they are reliable, efficient and produce mouth-watering sound output, the brand has a built-to-last reputation due to their quality products. Like Sony and LG, Samsung was among the foundational gadget brands in West Africa. The fact that they still remain among the leading brands in the market today signifies their commitment, strength and quality.

Samsung home theatres are available in different types and designs. Understandably, they also vary in sizes and prices. The sound systems are relatively strong and are dynamic in their operation. Some of their products don’t require so high a voltage to operate at the highest level. The sound systems are user-friendly and are easy to maintain. Samsung products are not the cheapest, they are also not the most expensive.

Things You Will Like About Samsung Home Theatre

  • Nice Sound Quality: If there is one thing about Samsung home theatres, it is the fact that they boast of amazingly delightful sound quality. Your movies, songs and football commentary just got better with Samsung home theatres. If you are a lover of great sound quality, then Samsun home theatres are designed for you.
  • Durable and Reliable: Samsung products are among the top durable products any day any time. They are built-in ways that they can withstand harsh weather conditions and environments. Their home theatres last for a very long time.
  • Easy to Maintain: Maintenance isn’t a problem with the home theatres. They are relatively easy to maintain and can be easily fixed when issues occur.
  • Connectivity: Samsung home theatres connect easily with other devices. Most of their products are Bluetooth enabled and also have ports for in-to-in cords which makes it easy to connect to phones and other devices.

Things You May Not Like About Samsung Home Theatre

  • The DVD player can be selective.

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