Samsung TV Prices in Ghana (2023)

Television is widely regarded among the most essential gadgets in a modern home. Apart from the fact that they are seen as one of the core parts of entertainment and media jamboree, they, along with radio, newspaper and the internet, are the core source of first-hand information in modern journalism.

While TVs have been absolutely useful in almost all spheres of the profession, there is always a need to go for one that is absolutely reliable, efficient, durable and, like most people would prefer, sleek. The various television brands and models in the market today have made it difficult for one to just select a random TV to buy.

Gone are the days when TV options were limited in the market and it was very easy for one to just pick a TV to take to the house. With a lot more factors to consider in the modern-day when buying a TV and the various sizes and types available, there is a need to be extremely picky in the TV market to avoid unnecessary quality backlash. One brand though, that ceases to disappoint anytime any day, is Samsung.

Samsung TV Prices in Ghana

Samsung does not need any introduction. You know them so well as much as I do. When it comes to design and quality, it is always difficult to look beyond the brand. This reflects in all their products; from their mobile phones, their gadgets down to their home appliances and other devices they manufacture, the brand speaks, breathes and pumps quality all around. It is no wonder you see the brand top almost every industry they die into. If you still doubt the quality of their televisions, then you need to use one, anyone, to confirm their authenticity, and you won’t be disappointed. Remember to thank me later.

Samsung TV Prices in Ghana

You need less than 10 minutes watching your favourite TV show, football match, music video or news on their TV to fall in love with the brand. Their TVs give you almost everything you need in the class of TV you are buying. Whether Digital LED, LCD, OLED, Smart 4K TV or QLED, Samsung televisions will not just take your viewing experience to another level, they open up lots of imaginative possibilities for you. The great news is, these gadgets are not just efficient, they are a beauty to behold. Sleek, classy and beautiful, the televisions are built in a way as to perfectly fits all environments. They are great for use in offices, bedrooms, homes, stores and relaxation centres. They are as great for indoor purposes as they are for outdoor uses.

It is no secret Samsung TVs are among the most sought-after television in Ghana today. Even their relatively expensive price tag has not stopped people from demanding televisions. The TVs, like other televisions in the market today, are available in grades. They are available in different types, sizes and designs.

If you are wondering how much Samsung TVs go for in the market? This post is just for you. Here, we will take a look at the prices of various Samsung TVs available in the current market. We will also consider why Samsung TVs are graded among the best TVs around.

Prices of Samsung TVs in Ghana

For all the right reasons, Samsung TVs are among the most sought-after in the TV market in Ghana. Their popularity keeps rising I the market today, so is their products’ quality. The company has developed a strong reputation and you can only expect their products, including their TVs, to replicate such excellence. Samsung, just like few other electronic brands, is one of the brands that set their stamp on the electronic market.

Samsung TVs are available in different types, depending on their screen display options. At the moment, Samsung manufacture various screen types including LEDs, LCDs, Plasma, OLEDs, Smart 4K TVs, QLED and some other types. In Ghana, the most common types are LED, LCD and Smart 4K TVs. These various types are also available in different sizes which are measured in inches. These sizes and types also vary in price.

Samsung TVs are not cheap. Although they are not the most expensive TV brand in Ghana today, they still are relatively expensive, especially when compared with brands that are not too well known. The great news is that they offer value for your money in terms of durability, picture and sound quality, efficiency and beauty. They can be bought directly from the manufacturer or local distributors across the country. Their TVs are also available in online gadget stores and contemporary suppliers.

Here are prices of some of the various types and models of Samsung TVs available today.

  • Samsung Digital LED 24 inches: ¢600 – ¢700
  • Samsung Digital LED 32 inches: ¢900 – ¢1, 200
  • Samsung Full HD 40 inches: ¢1, 500 – ¢1, 700
  • Samsung Digital LED 49 inches: ¢2, 500 – ¢3, 300
  • Samsung Digital Satellite  TV 32 inches: ¢1100 – ¢1, 400
  • Samsung Ultra HD Smart LED TV 49 inches: ¢4, 500 – ¢5, 400
  • Samsung Curved 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 55 inches: ¢7, 800 – ¢8, 800
  • Samsung Ultra HD Smart LED TV 55 inches: ¢4, 300 – ¢4, 800
  • Samsung Curved HD 55 inches: ¢4, 700 – ¢5, 200
  • Samsung Curved 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 65 inches: ¢15, 700 – ¢18, 800
  • Samsung Ultra HD Smart LED TV 75 inches: ¢18, 500 – ¢19, 800
  • Samsung Curved Ultra HD 4K smart TV 78 inches: ¢53, 500 – ¢57, 800
  • Samsung Curved 4K Smart TV 88 inches: ¢90, 500 – ¢100, 000

Things You Will Like About Samsung TVs

  • Top Class Picture Quality: If you desire a television that offers impeccable picture quality, then Samsung TVs are designed specifically for you. In fact, they rate among the TV brands with the best picture quality available today. Regardless of the type of screen display you are buying, you can be sure of nice picture quality and an exciting viewing experience.
  • Lovely Sound Quality: It is not just about pictures. Samsung TVs offer amazing sound quality that is missing in some TV brands. Although it is still great to connect a sound system to the television, Samsung TVs work very fine with or without sound systems, dispensing top-notch sound output.
  • User-friendly Features: Samsung TVs boast of user-friendly features. The remote control responds very fast and the connectivity is amazing. They feature CableCard with TV guide EPG, full-resolution TV input, and lots more

Things You May Not Like About Samsung TVs 

  • They are expensive, although they offer value for the money.

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