Solar Companies in Ghana (2023)

Solar energy is one of the few energy sources that have great promises, especially for Ghanaians. Unlike mechanical or hydroelectric generated power, it is pollution-free and 100% renewable. It is also a cheaper source of electricity which makes it a great choice for middle and low-income earners.

Solar Companies in Ghana

Solar Companies in Ghana

Solar energy simply means the energy emitted by the sun and this energy is converted from sunlight into electricity through the use of photovoltaic cells or solar power.

The rise of solar energy as the main source of energy in Ghana has been encouraged by the Ghanaian government as it provides a means for all citizens to gain access to renewable energy irrespective of their class.

Presently, there are a few solar companies in Ghana that are making this task a reality. Below, you will find the list of the Top 10 solar companies in Ghana.

Eco-solar and Construction Limited

Eco-solar and construction limited is a top solar company in the heart of Ghana. They offer products and services at the right prices with the aim of satisfying and meeting the needs of the people.

Eco-solar is one of the solar companies in Ghana that have been able to successfully provide solar energy that increases savings on energy bills by reducing the energy requirement of the people. If you are looking for a good solar company in Ghana to purchase solar products of any kind or install your solar products, then you can give Eco-solar a try.

Milky-Way Energy Limited

Milky-Way Energy ltd boasts as one of the few solar companies in Ghana that provide affordable solar energy for all purposes. The company deals in various aspects of solar energy which includes installation of solar PV systems, solar water pumps, and consultancy services.

They also specialize in professional house wiring training which is for individuals who want to be a part of the effort to ensure every household in Ghana gets affordable solar energy.

Kupatech Ghana Limited

Kupatech Ghana Limited is one of the many solar companies in Accra that is going beyond the installation of solar equipment. They do not just distribute and install solar equipment but also develop electronic appliances that follow renewable energy. These appliances ensure that the public is able to get the best and save more on energy when making use of solar energy.

Kupatech also provides its services at prices which are affordable for all individuals regardless of their income level.

Kupatech’s range of products includes sinewave chargers, battery chargers, sinewave chargers, DC/DC converters, battery monitors, transfer switches, amongst others.

The Blue Solar Company Limited

The Blue Solar Company Limited specializes in the delivery of solar solutions to the public. They also provide installation services and solar products like solar lanterns, gardens, and street solar lights. The company is involved in the sale of solar components.

The Blue Solar Company Limited is located in Kumasi Ghana.

Solar King GH (Market Leader)

If you are looking for a solar company in Ghana that provides only superior quality solar components and equipment then SOLAR KING GH is your best choice.

SOLAR KING GH provides solar modules that are TUV and CQC certified and of only superior quality. Their modules are gotten from USA, Japan, and Germany which are among the countries which are among the list of countries that produce only high-quality solar components.

It is important you pick high-quality solar equipment over a cheaper one as high-quality solar components tend to last longer and are more durable and efficient.

Mundeco Ghana Limited

Mundeco Ghana Limited is a full-service solar company that provides services in the area of installation, maintenance and repairs of solar energy and solar accessories.

Mundeco provides its services to all individuals including homeowners, businesses and communities. They are one of the few solar companies that focus on delivering high-quality services to the people.

Mundeco Ghana is a subsidiary of Mundeco GmBH located in Dortmund – Germany. This makes it easier to understand why their products are of top-quality and their services top-notch.

UltraSola Energy Limited

Operating in Accra Ghana, UltraSola Energy Ltd has been able to create a name for itself as one of the top local suppliers and installers of energy-saving devices and renewable energy systems.

UltraSola Energy delivers its services to the government, businesses, and communities and aims at improving the health of the earth by reducing carbon emissions and the cost of energy. They also provide energy-saving consultancy services.

Their services and products are also affordable which means every household could get a chance to enjoy limitless power irrespective of their income level.

Franerix Solutions Limited

Established in 2007, Franerix Solutions Limited has been developing electric power systems to provide solutions for both domestic and commercial power needs. They focus solely on renewable energy from solar and wind.

Franerix is one of the most advanced and innovative solar companies in Ghana and they operate on an industrial scale. Their services include providing solutions for solar on-grid and off-grid systems, LED Lighting commercial & industrial, solar air-conditioning, portable back-up power systems, and consultancy services.

Franerix has a network of reputable, premium class manufacturers and distributors that deploy solar-powered products not only in Africa but around the globe.

Med Link Ghana Inc.

Unlike other solar companies on this list that deliver and install solar power products, Med Link Ghana Inc focuses on sourcing for solar companies for the government of Ghana and ECOWAS.

Med Link is also a distributor of solar and wind energy products in Africa. The company is located in Accra, Ghana.

Nocheski Solar

Nocheski Solar is one of the top solar power installers in Ghana. Their services focus mainly on solar power installation which is something they do very well. With Nocheki, you can be sure to get a solar power product that is affordable, lasts long and effectively perform its functions.

That concludes the list of Top 10 solar companies in Ghana. There are various other solar companies in the country that are working tirelessly to make a name for themselves by providing affordable and quality services including durable and reliable products to the people. However, the companies listed above are the only few that are able to make it on our list.

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