The Best Beaches in Accra, Ghana

Ghana’s tourist attractions are not only on land but in the sea. The city’s coastline stretches 560 kilometers from Aflao in the Volta Region all the way to Cape Three Points in West Africa.

Many beaches, hotels, and resorts beautify its coastline making it one of the best tourist destinations in the country. Ghanaian beaches offer the best experience. If you end up not liking the sea, you will definitely love the food.

The Best Beaches in Accra, Ghana

Best Beaches in Accra, Ghana

In this article, we are going to highlight the best beaches in Accra, Ghana

1. Labadi Beach

Labadi Beach, also known as La Pleasure Beach is the most popular beach in Accra and one of the best public beaches in Ghana. The beach could also count as the wildest beach offering a lot of fun activities with restaurants and snack bars that make sure you never go hungry.

Labadi Beach is located at the western edge of Accra – a perfect spot for fun lovers. Entertainment is top-notch in this beach with musicians, acrobats, and performers taking center stage. You don’t just go to this beach to have fun but to make memories too.

You could also get some beach items from the vendors selling their crafts at various parts of the beach.

Entrance to the beach isn’t free. You would have to pay a fee to enjoy all the activities but in the end, you’ll get the value for your money.

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Eastern Part of the Labadi Beach Ghana

Eastern Part of the Labadi Beach Ghana


restaurant in Labadi Beach ghana

Restaurant in Labadi Beach ghana


sun beds and parasols on Labadi beach Ghana

Sun beds and Parasols on Labadi beach Ghana


Waves of Gulf of Guinea, Labadi Beach Ghana

Waves of Gulf of Guinea, Labadi Beach Ghana


Western Part of Labadi Beach Ghana

Western Part of Labadi Beach Ghana


2. Elmina Beaches

Elmina Beaches is one of the most beautiful beaches in Ghana featuring a serene environment with natural palm trees that makes it a great place to relax. If you want to go on a vacation, you can get a spot here and enjoy the most relaxing time ever.

Playing in the water or sand isn’t the only fun thing to try out. There are several fun games, resting spots, and tourist attractions you would visit while at the beach.

One of the great things about this beach is that it is open to everyone including locals and tourists. And unlike some of the most popular beaches, you won’t have to pay any fees to gain entry.

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and you need somewhere tranquil and relaxing, you can try out any of the Elmina Beaches.

The top choice for most people going for Elmina Beaches is the Coconut Groove Beach Resort. The beach doesn’t just offer a tranquil environment to relax.

You can also wine and dine while getting the feel of the natural environment. You could spend your time at the golf course, sauna or take a beauty session at the spa.

Any option you go for will provide you with a great experience you won’t get on most beaches in Accra.

3. Kokorobite Beach

Although Kokorobite isn’t technically located in the city of Accra, we had to add it as it is just a few kilometers outside the city.

The beach is also known as the Rastafarian paradise which means that things would be a little bit different here compared to other beaches. The shades offered by the many palm trees on the shoreline make it one of the most serene environments in Ghana.

Reggae lovers who love to party will love this beach. It’s always party time on this beach, so if you’re coming for a spa treatment or hoping to get great restaurant food, you might be disappointed.

However, It makes for a great vacation spot. And is certainly one of the best relaxation spots compared to other beaches which are usually filled with activities that make relaxation almost impossible. Its unique features are the open sea and the sound of good music.

4. Ada Beach

This beach is located 100 kilometers from the city of Accra. It ranks as one of the most peaceful beaches in Ghana as it is less visited by tourists. This makes it a great vacation spot, however, you can do more than just relax in this spot.

The beach is the perfect spot for many activities due to the abundance of aquatic life and the high tidal waves. You would try fun water sports activities like skiing and fishing or go yachting on its marina.

You can also meet with friendly locals who will definitely be helpful in making your time at the beach fun.

5. Busua Beach

Busua Beach is not in Accra alright but we do consider it to be one of the best beaches to visit if you live in Accra.

The beach is just 45 kilometers away from the country’s capital in the city of Takoradi. Busua Beach is another beach that is great for a vacation. Why? It’s because they are fewer people trooping in to have fun on a daily basis. That means you will get to enjoy the cool breeze and accommodating atmosphere without worrying about the activities of other people.

The beach is also one of the cleanest in Ghana This is an important feature to note as many beaches in the country are littered with trash that not only makes it a bad place to be but also contaminates the water which could, in turn, infect beach lovers.

6. Cocoloco Beach

Nature lovers will love this beach as it is a breeding ground for lots of aquatic animals and birds. Cocoloco Beach is close to Ada Beach, however, it has its own unique features that make it one of the top tourist destinations in the country.

If you’re looking for a place to relax and enjoy nature, then this is the perfect location for you. It is one of the few peaceful beaches in the country. You can show up with your family or partner and spend the holidays at this location without worry about the activities of other people.


Beaches are considered to be a relaxation spot. Most people visit them to have fun, play in the water or play various fun games on the sand. Today, beaches do offer entertainment which draws many people like tourists and locals to the waters.

Above, we have listed the best beaches in Accra including those with a lot of activities and those that are just perfect for beach lovers looking to have a quiet, relaxing time.

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