The Full List of Delivery Companies in Ghana

The need for delivery companies in Ghana?

 Life is grueling, challenging, and demanding already, courier services in Ghana have successfully eliminated the confusion of how to send goods and gifts across to our customers and families. This helps to prevent frustrating anxiety from being added to our list of problems.

The full list of delivery companies in Ghana

Courier services are a more sophisticated delivery service, which delivery companies in Ghana offer. Apparently, this makes businesses, as well as individuals, turn to them when they need a package, goods, or a document to reach their destination quickly without having to travel by themselves. Although regular mail services can also deliver packages, they cannot guarantee swift delivery for the same day or overnight delivery as the case may be.

 What is the goal of the delivery companies in Ghana?

The main goal of delivery companies in Ghana is to get the best, most effective, and glitch-free ways to transfer the goods and products from the sender to the receiver’s destination. The main propelling aspect of these services is for business owners to satisfy customer demands and offer the suitable deal possible to retain the existing customers and reach new prospects.

However, courier services have been traced back to being available for a very long time. Archaic and ancient cultures had runners or horsemen to carry messages from one place to another. This was done without the stress and pressure of going through the more commonly used slow and unreliable channels.

Another reason that delivery companies in Ghana became such important and timely innovations in the delivery sector is that they are able to provide unflinching security to a parcel or goods in their care. Ultimately, delivery companies in Ghana do not lose a letter or package given to their intricate tracking systems. In other words, clients always rest assured that the intended recipient will get the letter or whatever package is being sent as each delivery company will have to sign for it at their end.

There are different delivery companies in Ghana to which you can turn if so needed. In Ghana, delivery services can take the forms of cars, bikes, motorcycles, and even taxis – although the cab system seems to be common in some parts of Ghana. Meanwhile, bike delivery services are the easiest and most practical methods in cities as they are able to maneuver around traffic and are not constrained to the same kind of traffic rules which car couriers must encounter.

How to choose a reliable and efficient delivery company in Ghana.

Finding a good and reliable courier service amongst the delivery companies in Ghana is another consideration every business owner must take quality time to decide on, at a certain point for their growth. Once they begin transacting with larger numbers of clients and have to deliver products or packages on a regular basis, having a reliable and efficient courier service in their corner is essential and inevitable.

Here are six important factors you can explore and must consider about your potential delivery company in Ghana to ensure that you get top-notch delivering service to your expectations.

  • Speed of delivery. …
  • Size and weight limitations, to ensure it suits your business type…
  • Proof of delivery from your first few deals.
  • Customer service matters a lot.
  • Cost to value. …
  • Previous customers review.

Enormosity is the befitting description for the number of  Delivery Companies In Ghana and they are listed below;

  • Gold Line Shipping Company Limited

  • Babiaa Delivery Company

  • Deliveries Ghana Limited

  • Kasi Express

  • Rescue Shipping and Investment Agency Limited

  • Achievers Logistics Ghana, Accra

  • Eagles Delivery Services

  • Smx Ghana

  • Cosmic Delivery Express

  • Kessben Shipping, Forwarding and Trading limited

  • DHL Ghana Limited

  • Yaba Ghana Limited

  • Nagaski Shipping Company Limited

  • StreetXpress

  • Cereal Investments Company Ghana Limited

  • Kasi Express

  • Express Post Delivery Company, Ghana

  • Dan-deVan Group of Companies

  • Supermaritime Ghana Limited

  • KOS Shipping and Logistics

  • Hentina Limited


  • MAC Logistics

  • Cosmic Delivery Express

  • Nagaski Shipping Company Limited

  • Ghana Post Office

  • Aramex Shipping Company Ghana

  • AA+ Transport and Logistics

  • Intermodal Shipping Agencies Ghana Limited

  • Express Post Delivery Services

  • WaterFront All Services

  • Kwabenya Post Office

  • Delivery Partners – Airpor Residential Area

  • Summit Courier and Logistic

  • ICT Ghana

  • Aquantuo Ghana

  • Sprintez Services Limited

  • Eurasin Express Limited

  • Imexco

  • Chrisbill Company Limited/ Dechris Company Limited

  • Blaksz Errands

  • Salem Estates

  • QCS Quality Courier

  • IAS/FedEx Ghana Limited

  • National Express Ghana

  • Halbey Logistics Company

  • GIG Logistics

  • Afarita Limited

  • BJH Logistics Services Limited

  • Comexas Ghana Limited

  • Modern World Logistics Limited

  • OMA Ghana

  • Hister Logistics Limited

  • DHL

  • Cleland and Halaby (Ghana) Limited

  • Brandel Marine Limited

  • Chariots Delivery

  • Springbok Courier Services

  • Go Logistics Services

  • United Parcel Services

  • Bullins Gold Company Limited

  • Renaissance Technologies

  • Fair and Fast Services Limited

  • Eziban.Com

  • Hapag Lloyd Tema

  • Harexpress Delivery Service.

  • Delivery Champion Ghana

  • Deliveries Ghana Ltd.

  • Delivery Champion – East Legon

  • Nsuro Courier Services

  • Delivery Champion – Dzorwulu

  • Cosmic Delivery Express

  • Express post delivery service Accra- Ghana.

  • Kofamame Courier Services

Delivery companies in Ghana are enriching e-commerce companies with new strategies to spread their tentacles and extend their reach by offering their products to more customers. It is actually a lucrative business to look after the delivery logistics of an e-commerce firm. However, it requires a stable and advanced management system to provide delivery services to multiple companies. In other words, there are many challenges involved in providing this service

Conclusively, starting your own delivery business is a great way to be self-employed and make a respectable living without too much stress. With low start-up capital, especially if you already have a vehicle or bike, starting a delivery service in Ghana is a very feasible goal. The following tips are what you need to strategically put in place;

  • Getting a van or bike.
  • Get necessary equipment to ease your tasks.
  • Naming your brand.
  • Marketing your delivery business.
  • Building your reputation through quality service.

Delivery companies in Ghana have been able to offer good quality and proficient courier services within and outside the country, which makes life easier and drama-free for the people.