The Netherlands Embassy in Ghana

An embassy is the diplomatic representation of a country in another country. They maintain bilateral relations between their country and the host country. The embassy grounds is referred to as the country itself even though it is just a representation. An embassy is responsible for its citizens that reside in the host country.

The Netherlands Embassy in Ghana

The Netherlands Embassy in Ghana

This article is about the Netherlands embassy in Ghana and if you are reading it, you are either a Ghanaian looking to visit the Netherlands, a Dutch living in Ghana or you just want to know about the Netherlands. Whichever class you fall into, we believe this article will be of tremendous help to you.

Duties Of The Netherlands Embassy In Ghana

Embassies all over the world have particular duties they carry out for their country in the country they are located in. one of the major duties of the Netherlands embassy in Ghana is to stand as a diplomatic link between both countries. The embassy conducts and manages matters of diplomatic affairs in the following areas: education, politics, cultural, financial, legal arrangement, and science.

The Netherlands also attends to issues of visa application. I should also let you know that the Netherlands is one of the Schengen countries. You can apply for a visa which can get you into some other Schengen countries through the Netherlands embassy. These other countries include Belgium and Luxembourg.

Contact details and opening hours of the Netherlands Embassy in Ghana


Royal Netherlands Embassy

89 liberation road

Ako Adjei interchange

P.O.BOX. CT 1647

Accra, Ghana.

Phone: +233 0221 4350
(the line is open 24hours a day and 7 days a week.)

Fax:        +233 2177 3655

Fax Consular affairs: +233 2178 2557

Emails:[email protected]


Opening hours for the Consular section

Monday   08.00 – 15.00
Tuesday   08.00 – 15.00
Wednesday   08.00 – 15.00
Thursday   08.00 – 15.00
Friday   08.00 – 15.00
Saturday   Closed


Opening hours for the visa section

Monday08.00 – 12.00
Tuesday08.00 – 12.00
Wednesday08.00 – 12.00
Thursday08.00 – 12.00
Friday08.00 – 12.00



Opening hours for the offices

Monday08.00 – 16.00
Tuesday08.00 – 16.00
Wednesday08.00 – 16.00
Thursday08.00 – 16.00
Friday08.00 – 16.00

You should note that visitations to the consular section are strictly by appointment except if otherwise stated. Also for all visa applications, applicants are advised to arrive in the consular section before 8 am as the visa section has a limited number of applications they attend to daily. Applicants are giving tokens on first come first serve basis and only applicants with a token will be attended to.

There you have it, I hope this article was able to answer your questions about the Netherlands Embassy in Ghana. You can visit the embassy for any of your needs or simply visit the official website of the Netherlands Embassy in Ghana.

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