Toyota Corolla Prices in Ghana (2023)

Ever wondered why Toyota has ruled the market for decades now? It is simply because they have not only built an image and reputation for themselves in the automobile market, they have also built a dynasty for themselves that makes most other cars play the chasing game with them.

Talk about the most commercial vehicles, talk about the fuel-efficient vehicles, talk about class, talk about reputation, talk about ease of maintenance, Toyota cars will be on everyone’s lips; one of which is the corolla.

toyota corolla prices in ghana

Right from the moment Toyota introduced the brand Corolla over 50 years ago, it has always been sure they’d be among the leading models of the brand. Ever since Corolla busted into the market scene, they have become fans’ favorite, largely because of their ruggedness, durability, ease of maintenance, and more importantly, fuel efficiency. It is easy to see why Toyota Corolla has been among the leading models in west African countries including Ghana.

Apart from the fact that Corolla models have won the heart of so many automobile lovers in Ghana, the model has produced a suitable and elegant series of cars for people who desire simple and yet classy cars. The cars are classy, elegant, and have some touch of max maturity. The great news is; Toyota releases a car of this model every year. How amazing.

Have you ever wondered how much Toyota Corolla vehicles go for in Ghana? Great, you are on the right page, digesting the right information! In this post, we will take a look at how much Toyota Corolla cars go for in the Ghana market today. We will consider the prices of brand new models, foreign used models, and locally used models (if available) of Toyota Corolla cars of various models. Let’s get started.

Prices of Toyota Corolla in Ghana

Toyota Corolla is among the most sought-after Toyota vehicles in Ghana today. Deservedly so, Corolla has over the years confirmed its place among the most reliable and efficient cars in Ghana. Another factor that has accelerated the sales of Corolla in Ghana is that their spare parts are readily available and are so easy to fix.

Here, we will take a look at the prices of Toyota Corolla cars in Ghana. It should be noted that some of the models are no longer in production, so the prices will be in ranges based on their conditions. We shall limit this scope between 2005 and 2018.

Prices of Fairly Used Toyota Corolla in Ghana

Brand new cars are really expensive. Whether Toyota, Honda, Land Rover, or any other automobile brands are available today, brand new models are expensive. Because of this, a lot of people have rather settled for neatly used cars. Although some of these used cars are not on the same level as the brand new models, and may not be as sleek and neat, for most top brands like Toyota, there is hardly a difference in efficiency and overall quality.

For one reason or the other, a user within the same country may just want to sell his or her car. Also, a buyer may decide to go for a car used outside the country which is always considerably cheaper than brand new but is as close as new.

The price here will be presented in ranges. This is simply because used cars (foreign or local) do not have fixed prices. Factors like mileage, number of faults (if any), trim, and several others have an impact on how much the cars eventually go for. This makes it possible to even find an older model that is more expensive than a newer one Usually, locally used vehicles are cheaper than foreign used versions. The condition of the vehicle goes a long way to determine the price, except it is a brand new vehicle, like the 2017 model.

  • Toyota Corolla 2005 1.8: ¢30, 000 – ¢34, 000
  • Toyota Corolla 2006 1.8: ¢33, 000 – ¢36, 000
  • Toyota Corolla 2006 1.3: ¢30, 000 – ¢32, 000
  • Toyota Corolla 2007 1.8: ¢30, 000 – ¢35, 000
  • Toyota Corolla 2008 1.8: ¢35, 000 – ¢39, 000
  • Toyota Corolla 2009 1.8: ¢38, 000 – ¢42, 000
  • Toyota Corolla 2010 1.3: ¢28, 000 – ¢32, 000
  • Toyota Corolla 2010 1.8: ¢39, 000 – ¢42, 000
  • Toyota Corolla 2011 1.8: ¢40, 000 – ¢48, 000
  • Toyota Corolla 2012 1.8: ¢43, 000 – ¢50, 000
  • Toyota Corolla 2013 1.8: ¢48, 000 – ¢60, 000
  • Toyota Corolla 2014 1.8: ¢59, 000 – ¢64, 000
  • Toyota Corolla 2015 1.8: ¢65, 000 – ¢70, 000
  • Toyota Corolla 2016 1.3: ¢68, 000 – ¢75, 000
  • Toyota Corolla 2017 1.8: ¢77, 000 – ¢80, 000

Brand New: Corolla 2017 Price: ¢143, 000 – ¢148, 000

Things you’ll like about Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla is a lovable car by all standards. There is one reason why it is among the most bought cars in Ghana and it is easy to know why. Let us explore some reasons why they are rated among the highest in the market today.

  • They are Versatile – Corolla makes sense for lots of situations and environments. They can be easily used for official and personal purposes. The extent of use of this brand cannot be matched by any other. It can be used for several purposes, whether it’s work or play. It is also perfect for that evening ride or that long trip on a road vacation.
  • They are Mature- Corolla is a great vehicle companion for both the fresh matured mind and for the old. It is also lovely as a family automobile, as well as for official purposes.
  • They are Easy to Use- The Toyota Corolla is also very user-friendly. Apart from its durability, it is also very easy for mechanics to work on. This ease is further emphasized by the ease in getting spare parts when your car needs a fix.
  • Lovely Design – No one can deny the beautiful interior and exterior look of the Corolla, especially the recent models.

Things you won’t like about Toyota Corolla

The parts of newer models of the Corolla, especially from 2013 are expensive. While they are available, they don’t really come cheap.

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