Turkish Embassy in Ghana: Address & Contact Details

Turkey is one of the countries on the European continent. The country is quite unique because of its geographical location. It is one of the very few transcontinental nations that exist. A part of the country sits in the South-Eastern part of Europe while the other part is located in the Western part of Asia.

Turkish Embassy in Ghana

The Turkish Embassy in Ghana

Turkey runs a unique governmental system in which there is no federal government. It only has provinces that are subordinate to the central government which has its base in Ankara, the Federal Capital. The country has the thirteenth-highest GDP by PPP in the world which makes it one of the countries people want to visit.

So many people in Ghana look forward to traveling out of the country and believe it or not, Turkey is one of the top locations they want to visit. To visit any country, you must first apply for a visa and the application is done through the embassy. An embassy is the diplomatic representation of a country in another country.

If you are reading this article then my guess is you want to find out more about the Turkish Embassy in Ghana. In this article, I will be telling you about the Turkish Embassy in Ghana, its location, and the contact details.

Functions of the Turkish Embassy in Ghana

Every embassy carries out specific functions on behalf of its home country in the host country. The Turkish Embassy is not different, it performs several diplomatic functions on behalf of Turkey in Ghana. Turkey has two official representations in Ghana, the Embassy in Accra and the Consulate in Kumasi.

Among the functions of the Turkish Embassy in Ghana is the management of the bilateral relations between Turkey and Ghana and ensuring trade goes on unhindered. It also focuses on certain areas of interests which include economic growth, scientific research, education, legal arrangements, and educational development.

The embassy also hosts discussions between both countries as well as organizes seminars and researches on behalf of Turkey in Ghana. More than any other function, the Turkish Embassy in Ghana ensures that her citizens are protected in the host country.

The embassy also organizes interviews for Ghanaian citizens who want to visit Turkey so they can receive their visas. It also assists Turkey students who want to visit Ghana for study exchange programs to settle in easily.

Contact details of the Turkish embassy in Ghana


Turkish Embassy in Accra, Ghana

L8 Block 1 Section 17B
Labone Abafum Crescent


(+233) 302 218 180





Head of Mission:

Penbe Nesrin Bayazit, Ambassador

Opening hours for the Consular section

Monday 08.00–11.00
Tuesday 08.00–11.00
Wednesday 08.00–11.00
Thursday 08.00–11.00
Friday 08.00–11.00
Saturday closed
Sunday closed

Opening hours for the Visa section

Monday 09.00–11.00
Tuesday closed
Wednesday 09.00–11.00
Thursday 09.00–11.00
Friday 09.00–11.00
Saturday closed
Sunday closed

Opening Hours for the Economic Section

Monday 08.00–16.00
Tuesday 08.00–16.00
Wednesday 08.00–16.00
Thursday 08.00–16.00
Friday 08.00–16.00
Saturday closed
Sunday closed


For further details, you can visit the Turkish Embassy in Ghana using the above address or visit the official website. That is about all the information you need about the Turkish Embassy in Ghana.

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