UCC Student Portal: All You Need To Know

The University of Cape Coast is undoubtedly one of the best universities in Ghana and the West African subregion. In the historic town of Cape Coast, the University of Cape Coast is a public college university that offers a variety of academic programs.

The school has a remarkable seaside location and is perched on a hill with a panoramic view of the vast Atlantic Ocean. It has two campuses, the Southern Campus and the Northern Campus, where it operates.

Both Elmina and Cape Coast Castle, two of Ghana’s most famous historical landmarks, are only a short drive from the university’s campus.

UCC student portal

As a furtherance of the institutions’ quest to digitize their operations, the UCC Student portal was launched as an all-round online portal that students can log on to and perform tasks such as;

  • Payment of fees
  • Course registrations.
  • Results checking
  • Scholarship and bursary applications.
  • Admissions, etc.

The Official UCC Portal Link

The official portal to carry out any online functions or transactions as it relates to the University of Cape Coast is https://porta.ucc.edu.gh.

Password Reset on the UCC Student Portal

  • Fill out the form with your student registration number and phone number.
  • You will get a reset code.
  • For verification, enter the reset code that you got.

Your password will be reset when your reset code has been validated, and you will be able to log in.