UK Embassy in Ghana Visa Requirements (2023)

Several procedures have been laid down by the UK High Commission for persons who intend to travel to the union. The application process was recently amended by the union and individuals who have an interest in visiting the UK must meet up with them to be granted an approved visa.

Like all other African countries, The nationals of Ghana seek to travel to the union at various times of their lives for different purposes. There is general information about acquiring a visa into the UK. To have an updated visa form, it is best to contact the Ghana UK embassy, High Commission in Accra or a reputable travel agency.

General UK visa requirements for Ghanaians

UK Embassy in Ghana Visa Requirements.

The UK Visa application in Ghana varies. They range from tourist, business, study, travel, family visit to work. Each category has specific requirements that applicants must meet before they can be granted a Visa. The amounted time to be spent is largely dependent on the Visa type chosen.

There are 5 visa Tiers that specify the eligibility of each Ghanian applicant.

General Eligibility checks Include

  • You must have proof indicating your capacity to cater for all expenses during your stay. Return tickets and accommodation must be sorted.
  • The visiting period should not exceed 6 months on your first application. Only exceptional cases could exceed the time limit.
  • You must return to your country after completing the stipulated time.
  • All original documents and copies must be submitted to the UKBA. These documents must consist of your application form that was printed. The forms must have your signature appended on it.
  • A valid passport with a blank leaf on the two sides to fit in the visa
  • Prior travel documents
  • School documents/present work
  • A high-quality passport photo
  • Visa fees payment
  • Health Certificates proving physical fitness.

For Ghana UK applicants, all necessary documents needed for either of the visa categories they apply for must be provided. The Ghanian citizens would be required to have documents or ID proving that they are indeed of Ghanaian origin.

Procedures for Ghana citizens to apply for UK visa

To apply for the UK visa in Ghana, the citizens could apply online personally or resort to using the services of a notable travel agency.

Creating an account is a must to be able to download the application form. The form should be downloaded after form completion. On it must be an appended signature.

The application number- GWF reference- would be mailed to you. This must not be misplaced as it will be required at the Visa application centre.

All necessary documents should be attached and sent to the High Commission. It is imperative to book an interview within 90 days of completing and successfully submitting the form online. To easily book an appointment, the website Visa4uk should be visited by the Ghanian applicants.

Paying a Visa fee is imperative. This is non-refundable. The rate is dependent on the kind of visa applied for and the Visa’s validity time frame.

Payment can only be made at GTB’s (Guaranty Trust Bank) three branches at oxford street OSU, Labone, and Ridge, Accra Ghana or at the UK Visa application center.

The receipt’s number will be checked at the visa center. it is of utmost importance to ensure all applications are sent within one month of settling the Visa fee.

Being prompt for the visa interview is crucial. Biometric will be collected upon interview. A photo of the applicant will be shot and fingerprints scanned.

Since the UK newly amended its travel laws, the UK visa application process is a bit tedious. Processing could go on for over a month.

To have your visa approved as a Ghanian UK visa applicant, you must attach a health certificate that proves that you have been vaccinated and free of diseases such as tuberculosis and Hepatitis B. The international migration clinic in Accra is the only approved hospital accepted for TB testing by the UK. The validity Of this certificate is for only 6 months and they must be attached to the application form.

Specific Requirements For UK Visa Types -Ghana applicants.

  • Travel or Visitor Visa:

For any visitor visa applied for (either for conference, holiday or business purpose) you must possess a valid Electronic Visa Waiver(EVW) before departure. A visitor visa can otherwise be applied for peradventure you were denied an EVW. The application can be done for self, workgroup or family. With a visitor visa, you can be granted several entries into the UK from time to time under the stipulated time frame. Each person in a group or family must possess a personal visa. Each must have a detailed passport with other vital documents.

  • UK Work Visa:

Work visas in the UK help migrants who are experts from all industry types to secure the desired placement. This could be temporary or permanent. The visa requires Ghanaian applicants to possess an employment offer. it could be valid for 5 years. The UK company granting you the employment must secure you with a sponsor certificate obtained through their sponsor license before the visa application. Applicants from Ghana must be between the ages of 18-45 years of age to be deemed eligible.

  • Student Visa:

The tier 4 visa kind caters for the student Visa. A proper student visa must be secured by the student. Applicants must be above 17yrs for an adult student visa and between the ages of 4&17 for children visas. To obtain a visa qualification as a Ghanaian student, an enrolment offer is required from a licensed sponsor. Must be able to pay for accommodation and academic bills.

  • Ancestry UK Visa:

This permits Ghanaian citizens whose grandparents are of UK origin to seek employment and work in the UK for a 5years span. There are requisites needed to be qualified for this visa type. They include:

*Being a commonwealth country member

*obtaining an ILR (indefinite leave to remain)

*Must be eligible to secure employment and fend for wards.

*They must have evidence of employment during the five years stay to obtain an ILR.

To help make informed choices, Ghana UK applicants should contact the UK embassy in Ghana. They will provide you with detailed info and make the visa application less arduous. All the best.

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