Who Composed the Ghana National Anthem?

A national anthem is a patriotic musical composition that serves as a symbol and eulogy for a country’s or nation’s history and traditions. The bulk of national anthems is in the style of marches or hymns.

Ghana’s national anthem, “God Bless Our Homeland Ghana,” was chosen in 1957. However, due to abrupt regime changes, the lyrics have to be changed two different times. The author of the current lyrics of the Ghanian national anthem is Michael Kwame Gbordzoe.

Who composed the Ghana national anthem

 A brief History of Ghanian National Anthem and controversies surrounding its Authorship

Philip Gbeho composed the original melody for the national anthem, which was sung to Emmanuel Thompson Pappoe’s lyrics.

However, some lines were altered by a literary committee in the office of then-President Kwame Nkrumah. Michael Kwame Gbordzoe claims to own the lyrics to this song. He says they were written after President Nkrumah died.

However, the present lyrics were written after a competition was held, and Michale Kwame Gbordzoe, a student at Bishop Herman College at the time, offered the current lyrics, which were chosen to replace “Lift High The Flag Of Ghana,” which was officially approved following independence and served as Ghana’s national anthem under Nkrumah’s administration.

The current words of Ghana’s national song, “God Bless Our Homeland Ghana,” were penned by Michael Kwame Gbordzoe while he was a student, as part of a national competition, and are accompanied by the country’s vow.

Thus, the lyrics to “God Bless Our Homeland Ghana” as they currently stand are as follows:

First stanza

God bless our homeland Ghana

And make our nation great and strong,

Bold to defend forever

The cause of Freedom and of Right;

Fill our hearts with true humility,

Make us cherish fearless honesty,

And help us to resist oppressors’ rule

With all our will and might forevermore. ���

Second stanza

Hail to thy name, O Ghana,

To thee we make our solemn vow:

Steadfast to build together

A nation strong in Unity;

With our gifts of mind and strength of arm,

Whether night or day, in the midst of storm,

In every need, whate’er the call may be,

To serve thee, Ghana, now and forevermore. ���

Third stanza

Raise high the flag of Ghana

and one with Africa advance;

Black star of hope and honour

To all who thirst for liberty;

Where the banner of Ghana freely flies,

May the way to freedom truly lie;

Arise, arise, O sons of Ghana land,

And under God march on for evermore! “

Thus, while Philip Gbeho’s tune is still utilized, the present words, which begin “God Bless our Homeland Ghana,” are not his

Michael Kwame Gbordzoe, a scientist by profession, has drawn the attention of the Ghana government to the fact that, despite his lyrics being adopted as the country’s national anthem since the 1970s, he has received no official recognition from the Ghana government, which may be attributed to Ghana’s history of abrupt regime changes.