Who Wrote the National Pledge of Ghana?

Oaths of allegiance are sworn statements in which a subject or citizen accepts a duty of allegiance to a monarch or country and swears devotion to the monarch or to the country. Modern oaths are sworn in republics to the country as a whole, or to the country’s constitution, depending on the circumstances.

Those who hold positions of authority in the Republic of Ghana are required to take an oath of office that includes swearing allegiance to Ghana’s Constitution.

Who wrote the national pledge of Ghana

A constitutional monarchy, such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and other Commonwealth realms, is distinguished by the fact that oaths are often sworn in front of the monarch. A military oath is normally required for service in the armed forces.

There is absolutely no Ghanian today that has undergone basic education and can’t recite the Ghanian National Pledge. The Ghanaian national pledge is sung in schools, social events, and government programs. It is a way of showing allegiance to the state and constitution of Ghana.

Who wrote the national pledge of Ghana?

Dr. Philip Gbeho was the author of the National Pledge, as well as the very first version of the National Anthem, which was later replaced by the current version, which was created by Dr. Michael Kwame Gbordzoe.

Phillip Gbeho was born on January 14, 1904, in Ghana and died on September 24, 1976. He was a musician, composer, and instructor. His composition of the Ghanaian National Anthem is his most well-known work. He played a key role in the formation of the Arts Council of Ghana, and he served as Director of Music and leader of the Ghana National Symphony Orchestra during his time there.

In recognition of Gbeho’s efforts in creating the Arts Council of Ghana and in recognition of his commitment to the cultural growth of the country, he was awarded the Grand Medal by the Ghanaian government in 1965.

The Ghana National pledge lyrics

The Ghanaian National Pledge, which is said immediately after the national anthem “God Bless Our Homeland Ghana,” is as follows:

“I promise on my honour

to be faithful and loyal to

Ghana my motherland.

I pledge myself to the service of Ghana

with all my strength and with all my heart.

I promise to hold in high esteem.

Our heritage, won for us through the blood and toil of our fathers; and I pledge myself in

all things to uphold and defend the good name of Ghana.

So help me God.”