Best Category C schools In Ghana

The category system (ABCDEF) is a system adopted by the Ghana Education Services to delineate schools based on population, and facilities available, and to place students moving from junior to senior high schools.

Although there are more than 200 category C schools, this post is going to focus on the top 8 category C schools in Ghana.

Best Category C schools In Ghana

Adventist Girls Senior High School

Adventist Girls Senior High School is a girls’ only school, commonly referred to as AHWEFO. The school is located in Ntonso, Ashanti Region, in the Kwabre-East District. The school is the district’s only female second cycle institution and the first of its kind in Ghana and West Africa. This school is unarguably the best category c school in Ghana.

Adventist Girls Senior High School has received honors such as;

  • Three times Winners of the Ashanti Region’s inter-school athletics competition.
  • Ashanti Region’s five-time debate champions
  • Most disciplined school in Ashanti Region for three consecutive years.
  • Winner of the Ashanti Region Mathematics and Science Quiz

 Abakrampa Senior High Technical

The Abakrampa Senior High Technical School was formed in January 1991 in accordance with PNDC Act 207, which established senior secondary schools as a follow-up to the New Educational Reforms of 1987 and established senior secondary schools in the country.

Abakrampa was chosen as the site for the new school because of its central location and ease of access from the catchment areas for junior secondary schools in the surrounding area.

The school operated at this temporary location, in an abandoned Citrus Fruit Company shed in the middle of town, until the current location at New Ebu Junction was secured by the Abura Traditional Council. Located on 25 acres of property granted by the Nsona Royal Family of Abura State, the school is a model of sustainability, and definitely one of the best category C schools in Ghana.

Awards and Achievements

  • Best in Table Tennis 2017
  • Best in 200m race 2019

Gushegu Senior High School

Under the PNDC, Gushegu Senior High School was built in February 1991 as part of the government’s goal to spread secondary education across the country.

When the school first opened its doors, it had thirty-three (33) students, twenty-nine (29) of them were males and four (4) of whom were girls. Because the school didn’t have a permanent place to stay when it first started, the District Assembly took care of the kids for a short time in the Assembly Hall.

Aburaman Senior High

This senior high school is located in Abura Dunkwa, in the Abura/Asebu/Kwamkese district, and is one of the best senior high schools in the CENTRAL Region. It was founded in 1976.

Over the years Aburaman Senior High has won several academic and sport-related awards which makes it worthy of being included in the list of best category c schools in Ghana.

Adanwomase Senior High

On September 1, 1977, Adanwomase Senior High School became part of the public school system after being a private school for a long time.

In 2014, Adanwomase Senior High became the 1st runner-up in the NHIS competition. This feat was a rare win for a category C school. The school has produced several graduates doing well in several endeavors.

Abor Senior High

The Abor Senior High was established in 1980 as a mixed boarding school under category C of the Ghanian Educational Categorization System. The school is located in Abor, Volta.

Over the years, the school has had achievements such as; first place in a choral music festival, sight-reading competitions, football competitions, quizzes, and other extracurricular activities.

Antoa Senior High

In 1969, a group of Antoa’s distinguished elders joined hands to build the school, which they named Adonten Akoten Secondary School.

It began as a private school with 12 pupils in makeshift classrooms in the school’s former location. In September 1971, the school was brought into the public system of education and renamed Antoa Secondary School. Antoa Senior High School, since its establishment, has continued to serve its aim of providing access to education for the people of Antoa.

Wesley Senior High School for Girls, Accra

The Wesley Senior Girls High School was established by the Methodist Church of Ghana in the year 2003.

However, in 2010, the Ghanian government converted the school to a private high school in Category C.

Over the years, Wesley Senior High School for Girls, Accra, has won awards such as;

  • Zonal champions in athletic competition from 2015 to 2017.
  • Sprite Basketball Regional Champions in 2017/18
  • Second place in 2017’s Tasty Tom H. School Kitchen

Source: Ghana Education Services.