Swiss Embassy in Ghana: Address & Contact Details

The embassy of a country is that country’s official representation in another country. Usually, the embassy carries out several functions including handling diplomatic affairs between the host country and the home country. Switzerland is a European country with a great economy and standard of living.

Swiss Embassy in Ghana_ Address & Contact Details

This is just part of the reasons why Ghanaian residents planning to visit the country seek out the Swiss embassy in Ghana. If you are reading this, I suspect you have plans to visit Switzerland or you want to gain more knowledge about the embassy in Ghana. In this article, we shall discuss in detail about the Swiss Embassy in Ghana. Ensure you read to the end as it promises to be educative and enlightening.

The tasks of the Swiss Embassy in Ghana

As stated above, every embassy has certain responsibilities it must handle on behalf of its home country. The Swiss Embassy in Ghana has a major responsibility for conducting and managing diplomatic matters between Switzerland and Ghana. The several areas of interests it focuses on include political, education, economic and financial, science, culture, and legal arrangements.

The embassy also acts as a facilitator of the bilateral relationship between Switzerland and the host country, Ghana. To this effect, meetings to discuss bilateral affairs are held frequently at the embassy. These meetings are required to strengthen the relationship between both countries. The embassy also organizes and oversees forums to exchange scientific and innovative ideas between both countries. It also acts as a bridge to support the study of Swiss students in Ghana and vice versa.

The embassy also works to ensure there is a proper exchange of cultural values between Switzerland and the host country. It does this by allowing for relevant cultural institutions to come together under its auspices. It also achieves this by allowing for artists from the host country to gain access to Switzerland to showcase their works.

Finally, the embassy conducts visa interviews for nationals of the host country who seek to visit Switzerland for any reason. It is in charge of issuing visas to members of any class of the society traveling to Switzerland. For more details, you can visit the official website of the Swiss Embassy in Ghana.

Contact details and opening hours of the Swiss Embassy in Ghana


Embassy of Switzerland,

HillaLimann Hwy /Kenneth Kaunda Rd.,

North Ridge Area, Accra, Ghana.

Headquarters: +233 30 222 81 25
Headquarters: +233 30 222 81 85
SECO: +233 302 248 226
SECO: +233 302 225 008

Postal address:
Embassy of Switzerland
P.O. Box 359 GPO

Emails: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected].

Opening hours for the Consular section


Opening hours for the Visa section


Opening Hours for the Economic Section


There you have it, all you need to know about the Swiss Embassy in Ghana. You can visit the embassy for any of your needs or simply visit the official website of the Swiss Embassy in Ghana for more details.

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